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Sarah Palin Going Rogue

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“The FBI is the Investigative and law enforcement branch of the U.S. Department of Justice. Its purpose is the enforcement of all federal criminal statues, except for those specially delegated to other federal agencies.”

I. The FBI is organized. A. Created as a minor division to the Department of Justice in July 1908.

B. The responsibility of the FBI covers two main areas.

1. General investigations of federal crimes.

2. Security Operations.

1) The growth of federal crimes since 1908. 2) Bureaus duties and responsibilities.

I. J. Edgar Hoover is the Hero.

A. Born New Year’s Day, 1895 in Washington, D.C.

B. Valedictorian of his High school class.

C. After receiving his law degree in 1917, He moved to a $1200-a-year job with the Department of Justice- his employer for the next 55 years.

D. He served as a director of the FBI for nearly half a century under eight presidents and sixteen attorneys general.

1) He built the Bureau into a Controversial force in American law enforcement. 2) No other Federal agency ever became so closely identified with a single personality as did the FBI. 3) The FBI became so strongly identified with J. Edgar Hoover.

II. World war II.

A. FBI began war long before Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

B. In the fall of 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized FBI to coordinate all investigative matters.

1. The war years saw an increased number of spy rings operating in the United States.

2. FBI proves to be a major success in the nation’s struggle to defeat the Axis nations.

a) German agents organize group called Pro-Nazi.

b) FBI joined the group and accepted as committed Nazis, learning the Secrets of the Bund.

III. After World War II.

A. Anticommunist becomes the theme of FBI…...

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