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Sap Culture Report

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Alisha Badwal |Bent-Thomas |HSP3U0-D | February 26, 2015
Alisha Badwal |Bent-Thomas |HSP3U0-D | February 26, 2015

Part One: Analyzing Your Own Culture: Carefully outlined by O’Neil’s investigation were the many potential environmental influences and geological cultures that help to shape the personality of individuals. One of the details examined were the child rearing practices which are especially critical in the development of one’s morals and beliefs (2006). But what plays the biggest hand in orienting someone’s identity is their main cultural group that they distinguish themselves with, and for me that is my religion Sikhism. Although my main cultural group does not completely align with the particular dominant group of the society in which I happen to live in, I believe that Sikhism is seen as a subculture in this society. As explained by Gordon Marshall, a dominant culture is one that is able, through economic or political power, impose its values, language, and ways of behaving on a subordinate culture or cultures (1998). Since the European influence on this territory Canada has been more influenced by Christianity, and as immigration loosened its hold on racial barriers we saw multiculturalism. These new religions then form what we call subcultures. Sikhism would be a dominant religion where I originate from, but in Canada and this society it acts as a subculture.
Being brought up in an immigrant family here in Canada has in some ways altered how we practice my religion however, the teachings that I’ve been exposed through Sikhism since I was a young kid has molded how I see the world and my perspective. I feel it has had the largest impact on my beliefs than other aspects of culture in society present around me at this…...

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