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Stud Home Com Sci, 5(2): 93-98 (2011)

A Study of Elderly Living in Old Age Home and Within Family
Set-up in Jammu
Aruna Dubey*, Seema Bhasin**, Neelima Gupta* and Neeraj Sharma*

P.G. Department of Home Science, Govt. College for Women, Parade, Jammu,
Jammu & Kashmir, India
Directorate of Distance Education, University of Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India
KEYWORDS Elderly. Old Age Home. Family. Modernization. Urbanization. Life Expectancy
ABSTRACT The last century has witnessed a rapid increase in the population of the elderly people in the developed and industrialized countries. This phenomenon is not restricted to the western world only, but many countries such as ours are now feeling the impact of this transaction. This situation could be attributed to a combination of factors such as increase in age, longevity and decreased death rates due to advancement in the field of medicine, improvement of life expectancy at birth, and enhancement in the average span of life. India ranks 4th in terms of absolute size of elderly population .The country is not adequately equipped to look after their special health needs and the changing traditional value system. A feeling is now growing among the aged persons that the attitude of the younger generation towards them is not as desired.
In the above context, a study was conducted to understand the feeling of the elderly residing in the old age homes and within the family setup in Jammu. The sample of elderly women was selected using the “Purposive sampling” technique to select 30 elderly women from the old age home as well as a similar number from the family setups. The data was collected using a specially designed Interview schedule and observation technique through a house- to-house survey for those residing in the families. Non-working status of these women and above 60 years of age…...

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