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San Lorenzo School: Change Managment Paper

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Background The organization which the group interviewed belongs to the education industry. It is the former school of one of the members, Anna Virginia P. Santos, San Lorenzo School which is located in San Pedro, Laguna.

MISSION SAN LORENZO SCHOOL, although a non-sectarian school, fosters a Christian Community whose members are strongly committed in their covenant with GOD by emulating SAN LORENZO RUIZ' steadfast faith and unwavering devotion to God, and by advocating Christian Values.

The school enhances academic excellence in every San Lorenzonian by establishing relevant, responsive, and technologically-oriented academic and non-academic programs; and by continuously upgrading competent and committed teachers whose dedication in their academic profession is beyond compare.

VISION SAN LORENZO SCHOOL envisions itself as an agent of change and as a producer of productive citizens of this country who in the near future will actively participate in the economic prosperity, national development, and social transformation through excellence in teaching and community involvement.

SCHOOL PHILOSOPHY AND GOAL: San Lorenzo School, a reputable center for youth education, strongly believes that quality education is extremely essential to the growth of the nation and its people. Although co-educational and non-sectarian, it provides teaching about Christian Living to students regardless of their religious affiliation. With a balanced and well-planned academic program in pre-elementary, elementary, and high school levels, its academic strength is maintained by highly competent teachers and administrators, effective instructional materials, rigid academic supervision, and better facilities.

For over 35 years, the school has proven that it is a helpful partner to the parents in developing their children by consistently maintaining and inculcating its…...

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