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Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450

I. My Product and Firm

A. Product/service: 2013 Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450 RD

* Uniquely features a hydraulic charged dump box with a rotating slip axel capability specifically tailored for towing, removal and dumping of construction materials. * Larger truck box to accommodate an additional tonne of material. * A super duty truck that is heavier built than the older traditional equivalent. * Includes three transmission settings: Torque Shift, 6-Speed Select Shift and Automatic. * Has the best-in-class fuel economy. * Has 4x2 or 4x4 model frames. * Standard front and side curtain airbags. * Traction control. * Trailer sway control. * Best-in-class towing (up to 34,000 lbs). * Tow/Haul mode with engine exhaust braking function. * Electronic locking rear differential. * Trailer brake control. * Exclusive tailgate step. * Under seating storage. * Voice controlled technology. * Rich interior design. * 6.2 L V8 gas engine. * Seating for 3-6 people. * Includes access to road side assistance center. * Locally manufactured and owned. * Includes the exclusive Google driverless technology * Able to connect to Google Glasses and Android Smartphones

B. My Company: Kamloops Ford (

* Established in 1984. * Locally owned with production and manufacturing plant. * Community minded and supports local organizations. ie Wendy’s midget soccer team, Katts gymnastics, Kamloops Kayak Klub, Boys & Girls Club. * Awarded Best New Car Dealer in 2006. * Awarded most innovative design with Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450 * Has a genuine sales force promoting company values and goals of supporting the community of Kamloops and socially responsible decisions. * Focuses on selling unique and tailored vehicles to exceed the demands of construction industry. * Dealer principal is Mr. Steve Davidson.

II. The Buyer:

A. The buying firm and the buyer: Above & Beyond Concept Designs

* ABC Designs is a local home & yard renovations construction company featuring unique and sustainably tailored designs. * Office is located at storage yard (1855 Ord Rd) * ABC Designs is environmentally goal driven and socially responsible. * Services include: hard & soft landscaping, irrigation installation & repairs, lawn & yard maintenance, plant maintenance, site preparation and removal, fabricated construction, * 15 yrs experience with commercial, industrial, & residential designs. * Company operates with 3 full time crews year round and an additional 10 part time staff during peak season. * Mr. Caffet is a board member on the Kamloops committee ‘Beautify Kamloops’ * Mr. Caffet is married with one child (2 yr old boy - Skylar) * Mr. Caffet actively participates in dirt bike racing * Mr. Caffet collects & operates R.C. helicopters. * Mr. Caffet is very outspoken and likes to share stories and boasts of his awards winning projects.

B. Buyer’s needs:

* Each crew (3) requires a heavy duty vehicle capable of pulling a trailer, storing landscape equipment, and transporting staff. * Fleet vehicles need to be durable & dependable. * Vehicles undergo rigorous weight loads and need to be easily maintained. * Parts & service need to be local to uphold company values on sustainability. * At present ABC Designs operates with 3 different makes of fleet vehicles and service/maintenance is dispersed around town to different dealers. * The company truck becomes the face of the organization with mobile advertising. Fleet vehicles must project company values & ethics in addition to the physical regimen required for a work truck. * Uses the truck for private purposes, too.

C. What you’ve done so far with this buyer and the buyer’s firm:

* Solicited company receptionist on company history and goals. * Spoke to my direct contacts who have had interactions with ABC Designs. * Had a phone conversation regarding the needs of the business. Ascertained our F-350 will meet & exceed all expectations. * Discovered an opportunity to replace all ABC’s truck with like models to alleviate multiple service shops and imported parts. * Found out ABC Design’s company values support a sustainable future. This gives us leverage to promote a locally built and serviced product. * Set up a personal meeting including a test drive with the F-350.

III – Buyer’s options

A. Our product – Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450

* Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $55,249

Strengths | Weaknesses | Best towing capacity in class | Oversized for continual road use | Self-dumping capabilities | Fuel economy | Quiet & powerful diesel engine | Satellite Radio is not available | Rotating slip axle | Rear Defrost is not available | Oversized truck box | Interior looks a bit dated | Connectivity to Google Glasses & Android Smartphones | | Is able to drive driverless | |

B. Direct competitor #1 – 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD WT 4WD

* Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $46,275

Strengths | Weaknesses | Strong exhaust brake | No dump mechanism | Smooth handling | Smaller sized box | Class-leading payload capacity | Full Size Spare Tire not standard | Fuel-efficient diesel engine | Trailer Hitch Receiver not standard | Onboard Hands-free communications system is standard | Variable Speed Intermittent Wipers are not available |

C. Direct competitor #2 – 2012 RAM 3500 ST

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $49,210

Strengths | Weaknesses | Best-in-class interior luxury | Seating for only 3 passengers | RamBox in-bed storage compartments | Low reliability score | Rear Head Air Bag | Small truck box | 6 Speed Manual is available | No Transmission Overdrive Switch |

Part IV. Objectives

Main objective: * To replace all fleet vehicles at ABC Designs with our Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450. * TO provide a vehicle that would uphold the values and image of the organization while going beyond the basic needs of the landscape company. * To develop a sustained relationship with an established and growing company.

Minimum goal: * To showcase the strengths and benefits to Mr. Caffet of our Super –Dumper Heavy Duty F-450 by providing ABC Designs with a test drive and performance analysis. * To develop an indirect contact through Mr. Caffet who is interested in our product * To add ABC Designs to promotions mailing list.

Optimistic goal/expectations:

* To have our prospect purchase, use and replace all fleet vehicles with our 2013 Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450.

Professional Selling
BBUS 3450

A sales proposal prepared for:

Ford Super-Dumper Heavy Duty F-450 RD

Submitted to:

Weidong Rong

Professor of Professional selling
Thomson Rivers Univesity

Proposal prepared by:

Shawn O’Hearn
Natalya Perehudoff
Niklas Friedberg
Rebecca Plysiuk
Lucey Atice…...

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