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Food borne illness

Disease that comes from food that is contaminated with harmful pathogens



How is foodborne illness prevented

Key point:

Washing your hand after the washroom
Rinse vegetables and fruits
Prevent cross-contamination
Cook foods to safe internal temperatures
Store foods safely in the home

Fight BAC

Follow the 4 safe hood handling principles


Avoid cross-contamination

-practice proper hand-washing techniques

-clean all surfaces that food touches including utensils ad appliances
-clean out the fridge

-rinse all fruits and vegetables prior to eating, peeling, cutting, or cooking.


Always separate foods that are ready to eat from those that need to be cooked

When shopping and storing:

-place raw seafood, meat, and poultry in plastic bags.
-Separate them from other foods in your grocery cart and bags


When preparing and serving:

-use separate cutting boards
Separate food when


Measure cooked foods with a food thermometer at the THICKEST part

Keep hot foods at a minimum of 140`F

Danger zone “40-140”


Keep cold and cooked foods in the refrigerator making sure it is set to 40 or below

Refrigerate leftovers and takeout foods within 2 hours of being in he danger zone

This should be 1 hour if the air temperature is above 90F

T includes the time in the shopping basket, car, and on the kitchen counter

High-risk Foods

Some foods pose higher risk of causing foodborne illness
-unpasteurized milk and cheese
Raw or undercooked eggs meat poultry and seafood
High-risk populations:

Pregnant women and their unborn children
Infants and young children
Older adults
Those with cancer, HIV/AIDS, or other diseases that compromise the immune system…...

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