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* Team to arrange meeting with assigned teaching team member to discuss progress on developing their venture plan. * Discuss planned pitch.

Week 10 – Teamventure Pitch
* Teams to pitch their venture idea to a panel and the classroom. * The best teams will be selected to pitch again to a panel of experts in week 11.

Week 11 – Pitch tba * The best teams to pitch in an exclusive final judged by industry experts.

Assessment details

10% IndividualComplete by 6 Feb | TeamMatch questionnaireAt the beginning of the semester you will be matched into a team using TeamMatch software. Instructions and a groupID for TeamMatch will be emailed to you in the week beginning 30 January. | 10% IndividualReady for your tutorial wb 13 Feb | Prepare a short presentation on a Business Model PatternFollowing on from Lecture 2 & 3, you will be asked to prepare a short presentation on a business model pattern for a company of your choice. Detailed brief will be posted on Studynet in the week beginning 6 Feb. | 10% IndividualReady for your tutorial wb 20 Feb | Prepare for Ideation workshopWork through the online lecture and prepare the tasks outlined. | 10% Individual5% TeamReady for your tutorial wb 12 Mar | My First MillionThe overall assessment will be based on a combination of the following criteria: * Completion of the multiple-choice exam after working though the e-learning modules * Performance against the model answers on the individual cases * In-class: Evaluation of the team presentation | 15% TeamSubmit by 15 Apr | Business PlanDevelop an idea for a business venture in your team. Submit a short business plan including key elements such idea, market, business model, etc. A template for the business plan will be provided in…...

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