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NETC-SEC-0 01 November 2012


SUBJECT: JMRC Rotation 13-01 (4 Oct – 4 Nov), 2CR Rotation

* Exercise Summary.

* Pre-rotation. Prior to the rotation, the Regiment communications Soldiers conducted over 9 field exercises to configure and optimize the Regiment’s communication Equipment. The RS6 focused on establishing and maintaining the network components and refining the TTPs and the SOPs for the NETOPS. The S6 attended JMRC planning events

* CPX. (D1-D6) The S6 coordinated and worked with the HICON to establish interoperability to ensure the data flow passed both ways. Due to challenges on HICONs part, the Regiment was unable to establish the digital COP they had developed prior to the Rotation.

* Force-on-force. Offence (X1- X6). The S6 faced challenges of integrating staff cells that had not participated in previous exercises. Based on the commander’s intent for analog communications and battle tracking, the S6 faced many challenges with the terrain in the MRA. By tasking his RTNS units to be TACON to the Maneuver Squadrons, the S6 had a hard time refining the RTNS teams and adjusting their locations for optimal comms. Significant challenges for jumping the Regimental TOC were identified and captured in SOPs and Battle drills.

* Defense (X8-X11) During the defense the S6 planned optimal RTNS locations, established 3 RTNS, and maintained control of the RTNS. Again the MRA terrain challenged the FM communication between the maneuver Squadrons and RTOC, however met the CDRs intent by providing FM Comms to the TAC. During the Defense the Regiment came under Network Degradation and Cyber Attack challenges. The S6 executed TTPs and their SOPs and successfully dealt with the two challenges. The S6 also identified areas within the…...

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