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Why is it a challenge to approach this new model of ‘market development’?
Because the company’s existing growth path was delivered through penetration with both company and franchisee-owned locations, there is limited room to further accelerate company growth. Each franchise agreement was granted territorial protection with the option to develop a certain number of restaurants in their territory. Moving forward by the mode of ‘market development’ was risky. It is difficult to determine where to expand next, thus making it a challenge.

Why is it difficult to determine where to expand next?
Because the Ruth’s became the largest fine dining steak house in the US. Expanding the company’s foot prints opens the door for competition to follow. Ruth’s has a reputation for customer satisfaction and fine dining and it needs maintain that level of integrity without losing the company vision. This same reputation needs to continue wherever Ruth’s expands.

Why does the company have a good reputation for fine dining?
Because the restaurant only serves USDA prime beef and premium quality fish, poultry, and seafood.

Why would the grade of meat affect the difficulty in expansion?
Because the target countries need to allow the importation of USDA Prime Beef, some target countries currently do not allow importation. Ruth’s Chris potential customers need to be beef consumers.

Why is the grade of beef important and why does it bring a challenge to the expansion?
Because the quality of beef among other success factors, are what keeps the companies customers returning for that fine dining experience Ruth’s Chris offers. It brings a challenge to the expansion because potential customers need to have disposable income in order to afford the average meal of $70 USD.…...

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