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Rumination and Unipolar Depression: How Do We Change Such Negative Thoughts?

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Rumination and Unipolar Depression: How Do We Change Such Negative Thoughts?
PY3103: Psychopathology
Syed Mohammad Alwi Aidid
James Cook University (Singapore)
Tutorial C

Ruminative thinking has been found to be one of the most common symptoms in patients suffering from unipolar depression due to their tendency to reflect upon themselves negatively. In this essay, the manner in which this thinking pattern has been found to worsen patients’ depressed condition is further investigated. Subsequently, a large part of it will explore research on two forms of treatment that have been tested for its work with depressive rumination, specifically, metacognitive therapy, which seeks to removing patients’ Cognitive Attentional Syndrome and alter their metacognitive beliefs, and rumination-focused cognitive behaviour therapy, that aims to help reduce maladaptive ruminative styles and helping patients adopt a more concrete, process-driven and specific style of thinking instead. Finally, a potential avenue for treating depressed patients’ ruminative thinking patterns, imagery is investigated further.
Key words: rumination, unipolar depression, metacognitive therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, imagery restructuring, treatment.

Depression is a highly common illness, with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating that, as of 2012, 350 million people are afflicted by it worldwide (World Health Organization, 2012). There are many different subtypes of this illness, one of which is unipolar depression. Also known as major depressive disorder, unipolar depression is one of the more easily recognised mood disorders where, for most cases, individuals suffer a recurrence of a major depressive episode after at least two months without facing any depression (Barlow & Durand, 2012, p. 212). Depressed individuals often have a tendency to reflect upon…...

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