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Guide to Writing MBA-Level Resumes

Table of Contents
I. Introduction Purpose of this Guide Purpose of a Resume II. Before You Begin Writing Self-Assessment Accomplishment Statements PAR Formula Tips for Writing Powerful Accomplishment Statements III. The BU Resume Format Technical Specifications Content Guidelines Contact Information Education Guidelines for including GMAT and GPA Experience Additional Resume Sections Information NOT to Include on Your Resume Editing Your Resume Other Resume Formats IV. Common Resume Concerns and How to Address Them Dual Degrees Joint Degrees Multiple Undergraduate Institutions Study Abroad Company Name Change Gaps in Employment Small Company Experience Entrepreneurial Experience Multiple Temporary Jobs Short Term Work Experience Self-Employment V. Electronic Resumes Keywords Submitting Your Resume Electronically Suggested Naming Conventions Appendix A: Self-Assessment Appendix B: BU Resume Template and Sample Resumes Appendix C: Grammar Rules and Resume Action Verbs Rules for Capitalization, Dates, and Numbers Resume Verbs 2 2

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I. Introduction
Purpose of this Guide
The purpose of this guide is to help you develop the best possible resume to market yourself with honest confidence. The Feld Career Center requires 1st year MBA students to prepare your resume in the BU Graduate School of Management resume format in order to be included in the MBA Resume Book and to participate in the on-campus recruiting (OCR) program. This guide will teach you:
   

What to do before you begin writing your resume; How to develop an effective, differentiated resume in the BU resume format; How to address common resume concerns; How to submit resumes electronically.

Purpose of a Resume
Your resume is your introduction to a potential employer. More often than not, employers will scan your resume and make an assessment very rapidly. The purpose of your resume is to stimulate an employer’s interest in meeting you. You achieve this by developing a resume that:
    

Is visually powerful and entices the reviewer to READ it; Presents you in the best light: confidently, honestly and persuasively; Is results-oriented; Convinces the potential employer that you have the skills to be successful at a specific position; Moves you to the next step in the process - an interview.

A resume IS a marketing tool that distinguishes you from the competition by highlighting your major accomplishments, related experience and value. It is a presentation targeting the potential employer’s needs and emphasizing YOUR CONTRIBUTION to previous organizations. A resume IS NOT an autobiography that describes your life to date or a task list of everything you have ever done in your previous jobs.

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II. Before You Begin Writing
Before you begin writing your resume, take two necessary steps: 1. Perform a comprehensive self-assessment; 2. Develop and organize accomplishment statements to include on your resume. Annual performance reviews from previous employers are excellent resources for this step.

Before you begin writing your resume, it is helpful to take time to reflect on your skills, interests and values. This self-assessment helps you write a more effective resume because you will:
    

Identify your strengths and weaknesses; Highlight your skills and competencies; Brainstorm what you would like to do in your next job/career and why; Target the right opportunity for you; Communicate your accomplishments and transferable skills;

To help with your self-assessment, refer to the exercises and materials in Appendix A.

Develop and Write Accomplishment Statements
Accomplishment statements allow you to document your work performance in a way that highlights your impact on an organization. Developing effective Accomplishment Statements will help you market yourself through your resume and in interviews because they will demonstrate your key skills, talents and capabilities. Moreover, Accomplishment Statements provide measurable concrete examples of your contributions. Duties and Responsibilities versus Accomplishments Many resume writers simply list the tasks of the job description or the general scope of their job. These are “duties and responsibilities” and are not effective in distinguishing you from the competition. Accomplishment Statements give specific examples of tasks you finished and demonstrate the impact or benefit of your efforts on an organization.

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Here is an example, which shows the difference between “duties and responsibilities” and accomplishments:

Duties and Responsibilities (Features) From Job Description Was responsible for sales in the Eastern region.

Accomplishments (Benefits) On Your Resume Led a team of three account executives and two support analysts. Produced $20 million in new revenue, exceeding goal by 75%. Researched life insurance providers. Signed contract with a local supplier, which saved 10% over previous costs.

As HR Director, duties included saving money on corporate benefits.

P-A-R Formula
The two-step process outlined here will help you develop and write Accomplishment Statements using the PAR Formula. Step One: Ask yourself “When have I ………?  Invented or improved something?  Achieved more with fewer resources?  Saved money?  Reduced costs?  Improved productivity or operations?  Saved time?  Increased sales?  Took initiative and solved a problem?  Did something newsworthy or noteworthy?  Created an original report, paper or document?  Created or designed a new department, process, program, procedure or product?  Created and implemented a new procedure?

Step Two: Develop the Accomplishment statement by using the following PAR formula: o o o P= Problem, Project, Challenge, Opportunity or Subject of your work A=Action Taken: What you did to solve the problem R=Results: What was the outcome or impact of your efforts

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Examples of the PAR Formula


Company experienced many customer complaints from valued customers. o 20+ complaints per month

Established “hot line” to handle customer inquiries. Purchased and implemented customer complaints handling software to track and resolve complaints. Decreased customer complaints by 33% and product returns by 45%.



Accomplishment Statements:  Established “hot line” to handle customer inquiries, which decreased complaints by 33%.  Implemented software to track and resolve customer complaints resulting in a 45% decrease in product returns.


 

High turnover of clerical support staff. Analyzed data and turnover. Convinced manager to hire additional resources. Negotiated new benefits package to enhance job flexibility and content. Reduced turnover by 50%. Saved $15,000 in employment agency fees. Increased satisfaction of staff and quality of work.


 


 

Accomplishment Statements:  Negotiated new benefits package to enhance job flexibility and content, which resulted in increased satisfaction of staff and reduced turnover by 50%.  Analyzed turnover of clerical support staff and made recommendations resulting in a savings of $15,000.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Tips for Writing Powerful Accomplishment Statements

1. Don’t rush to complete your Accomplishments Statements. This is the heart of your marketing campaign. Spend the time to document your performance. o If your resume is full of powerful Accomplishment Statements, you’ll shorten your job search. Powerful Accomplishment Statements will likely result in more interviews. And since you’ll use Accomplishment Statements in your interviews, you’ll have better interview results as well.

2. Use before and after comparisons. They can easily be turned into Accomplishment Statements.

Before I organized the inventory, orders took three hours to process.

After I organized the inventory, orders were processed in 20 minutes.

Resulting Accomplishment: Organized inventory and reduced order time by two and one-half hours per order.

3. Add numbers, data, facts, percentages and figures that give impact to your Accomplishment Statements. Before A long report Managed staff Saved money Short time After 250 page status report Managed 15 person staff Saved department $75,000 annually In less than three hours

4. Keep your sentences short and focused on the result. o A good example would be:  Initiated new process to reduce average turnaround time from five to three days.

5. Start your Accomplishment Statement with an “action verb.” o Examples include: Implemented, Initiated, Designed, Planned, Led and Created etc. (Refer to the list of Resume Action Verbs for suggestions).

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


6. Rework your Accomplishment Statements several times to give them impact.

First Draft Accomplishment Statement
Completed project ahead of schedule. Proven record for system sales.

Reworked Accomplishment Statement
Completed IT project ahead of schedule and $250,000 under budget. Sold enterprise software solutions generating $50,000 in revenue per month. Promoted three times in five years. As a supervisor, was rated in top 25% for last two years.

Was good manager

7. Make sure your statements are clear and verifiable. The test: Can you explain the results in detail to an interviewer? 8. Determine the company’s needs and select Accomplishment Statements to meet those needs. o o o Research the skills and competencies your potential employer values for the position; Select your Accomplishment Statements to be consistent with the needs of the potential employer; Be aware that resume readers and recruiters will most likely only read the first few bullets under each job. Therefore, the order of the bullets should reflect the skills that the potential employer finds most pertinent, and not those most important in the old job.

9. Save all your accomplishment statements in a master document so you will have material ready when you need to tune a resume for a specific position.

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III. The BU Resume Format
Technical Specifications General
An electronic template (1st Year MBA Resume Template) is available for you to use when creating your resume in the BU resume format. To use the template, click in the text between brackets and begin typing. To access the resume guideline document and template, you must login to our password word-protected Virtual Career Center (VCC) at and click on SMG Login. Please note: If you have not received your BU login

information, you may access our site with the temporary login below: Login name: smgmba Password: welcomesmg
Select SMG Info Links, Student Link, then Virtual Career Center. Select Resumes from the navigation bar on the left, and then select Sample Resumes to access the 1st year MBA Resume Template. The BU format is limited to a one-page resume for campus recruiting and for the resume books. GSM employers say that they prefer a one-page resume. Note: Some industries (Consulting) prefer a special format; speak with your counselor to learn more about this.

Use the same font type and font size throughout your resume, preferably 11 or 12 point, but never smaller than 10. We recommend that you use a traditional, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman or Arial.

“White space” makes is easier to read your resume. Left and right margins should be no less than 0.5 inches. Smaller margins may result in your resume being cut off when faxed to a potential employer. At a maximum, margins should be no wider than one inch. Top and bottom margins should be a minimum of 0.5 inches and a maximum of one inch.

Resume Sections
The following sections are approved for the BU Resume Format:

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


   

Contact Information Education Experience Two additional sections (such as Multicultural Competency, Technical Skills, Activities, or Volunteer Work) can be used to highlight additional information.

Resume section headings should always be in UPPER-CASE BOLD TYPE. Note: First year MBA student resumes introduce Education first to maintain the chronological integrity of the student’s history. Second year MBA student resumes introduce an objective or professional profile first, to immediately position the student’s goals etc.

Resume Paper
While you will most likely submit your resume electronically, you will also need hard copies. Use professional business resume paper. Be sure to select paper that is 32 lb. weight, with cotton content, and has a watermark. Acceptable paper colors include white, ivory or ecru. Do not use colors such as gray, pink or blue. You may also select large resume envelopes that are 9 x 12 inches, which allow the resume to be easily handled and read.

Content Guidelines Contact Information
The contact information section is at the top of your resume. It should include the following information:
  

  

Name – Your legal name as it appears on your passport or driver’s license and in MBA CareerLink. Local address Telephone number (home telephone) o NOTE: Only include your cell telephone if it is your primary telephone. And be sure the message on your voicemail sounds professional and includes your full name. Your BU E-mail address Linked In personalized url Citizenship – List only for clarification or to highlight Dual Citizenship


Dual Citizenship USA & Great Britain

1234 Beacon Street, Apt.12  Boston, MA 02246  617-123-4567 

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


This section contains your educational history, listed in reverse chronological order. It should only include degree programs from institutions of higher learning. Be sure to include the full names of schools, along with their locations, your year of graduation and anticipated or obtained degree. Certificates and other educational experiences should not be included in this section; you may use the additional resume sections to detail these experiences. Use this section to highlight:  Your concentration  Academic scholarships – state as a % of tuition, not the dollar value  Leadership roles  Club memberships  Volunteer work on campus  GMAT and GPA (optional) If your degrees are not from an American university and are not in English, translate them to an equivalent American degree. Your BU educational experience should be listed as: General MBA
BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT MBA Candidate, May 2012  Finance Concentration  President, BU Biotechnology Association  Recipient, Dean’s Achievement Scholarship  GPA 3.75 GMAT: 700 Boston, MA

BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for MS-MBA dual degree, May 2012 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)  Finance Concentration  Vice President, BU Marketing Club  Recipient, Dean’s Achievement Scholarship  Resume Advisor and Volunteer, Feld Career Center  GPA 3.75 GMAT: 720 Boston, MA

Including GMAT and GPA on your resume
While some industries (Consulting, Finance) require applicants to include your GMAT and/or GPA on your resume, this is your decision. Consider including your GMAT score if it is 700 or above and if you are applying for jobs in industries such as consulting and investment banking.
© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Some employers place a great deal of emphasis on academic achievement. Because your grade point average is the only quantifiable way to measure this, some employers may require that you include your GPA and will use it to select students for interviews. FAQ: When should I include my GMAT and GPA on my resume? The Feld Career Center recommends that students participating in the campus recruiting program include their cumulative GPA if it is 3.5 or higher. Your cumulative GPA is the average of your grades in all courses taken at Boston University towards your MBA, MSIS, or MSIM degree. If you are also completing a degree program outside the School of Management (MS in Engineering, MA in International Relations, JD, etc.) you should list a separate GPA for that degree. Whenever you reference your “GPA” the assumption is that you are referring to your cumulative GPA. If you choose to include your GPA on your resume, you should update it after the completion of each semester to ensure that your resume accurately reflects your current academic achievement. GPA should always be carried to two decimal points and should never be rounded up (i.e., 3.47 is not the same as 3.5). Employers can and often will request a copy of your transcript(s) to verify this information. Your GPA reflects the official record of your academic accomplishment at Boston University. Therefore it is critical that you represent your GPA accurately, both in writing (such as on your resume) and verbally (as in an interview). Any misrepresentation of your academic accomplishment, whether verbally or in written form, is subject to action by the School of Management’s Academic Conduct Committee. FAQ: If I don’t include my GPA on my resume, will employers still consider me? Some employers place a great deal of emphasis on academic achievement. Because your grade point average is the only quantifiable way to measure this, those employers may use the GPA as criteria for selecting students for interviews. However, not all employers place a high value on the GPA. They may put more emphasis on work experience, leadership, and/or evidence of certain skills (i.e., ability to work in teams). Your resume should emphasize your unique strengths, so if you do not believe that your GPA is strong, you should not include it on your resume. At the same time, you will want to be prepared in case you are asked about your GPA during an interview. If asked, be honest in stating your GPA, and if you have extenuating circumstances, such as working 30 hours a week while in school, then briefly offer an explanation. In any case, emphasize your accomplishments and strengths. FAQ: Should I include my undergraduate GPA or those from other graduate programs? You may include GPAs from other programs, such as your undergraduate institution, as long as they are sufficiently high to help you stand out. If the GPA is not on a 4.0 scale, indicate it as follows:

GPA: 7.75/8.0

If you do not have an officially calculated GPA, but know you were at the top of your class, you may list your experience as follows:
© Feld Career Center, June 2010


  

Bachelor of Arts (BA), English, summa cum laude Graduated 3rd in class of 215 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), with honors

FAQ: Can I include my Concentration GPA on my resume? If you wish to include your concentration GPA, you should clearly indicate this on your resume. Your concentration GPA is the average of your grades in all courses in your concentration beyond the introductory course(s). Because the concentration consists of such a small number of courses, the Feld Career Center considers it misleading to include your concentration GPA on your resume unless you have completed all of the coursework for your concentration. Also, be aware that including your concentration GPA on your resume may prompt an employer to ask you about your cumulative GPA during an interview. You will want to address this by being positive. Instead of focusing your answer on why you did not do well in some courses, talk about your strengths as they relate to the position for which you are applying.

The Experience section highlights your transferable skills. Employers should be listed in reverse chronological order. Entries should include:  Company description o If the company or industry is not widely known, consider using a one-line description of the company. This is especially important for international students, as most potential US employers will not recognize the firms you worked for in your home country. Examples of a short description are:  Medical device company with over $3 billion in sales.  A start-up technology company focusing on e-learning solutions.  A family-owned real estate company.  Job title - veterans should include military rank at tome of discharge  Locations of where you worked  Dates of employment (years only) Many recruiters have indicated that they quickly scan a potential candidate’s resume and only read the first few bullets under each job. That being the case, consider placing your best accomplishments first and only use 3-4 bullets and accomplishments for each specific job. Be sure to review the section of this guide on Accomplishment Statements when you compose your bullets. Consider why you are including each bullet on your resume. Is it reinforcing the message you want to convey to this particular employer?

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Additional Resume Sections
You may include no more than two additional sections on your resume. In these sections, you may add other relevant data to your resume that recruiters may find of interest and that do not fit elsewhere on the resume. For example, the section headings may include:

     

Leadership roles Community Leadership Publications Technical Skills Military Experience Professional Affiliations/Organizations

    

Multicultural Competency Interests Certifications Honors and Awards Patents

Examples: Leadership


President, Rotary Club of New England, 2005-Present. Vice President, Smith College Alumni Association, 2003-Present.

Licenses and Certifications In some fields, receiving a license or certificate is a prerequisite for employment. This information should always appear on your resume. CFA certifications follow a strict convention. Refer to CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for complete information. Please note that you should not indicate that you are a candidate for any level of the CFA exam until you have passed the prior level and registered for the level in question. CFA charter holders can visit this site for more information:


State of Florida Real Estate Broker, 1982. #BK 12345. Massachusetts Engineer in Training (Certificate # 12345).


NASD Series 7 and 63. Completed computer training in Microsoft NT Networking and Cisco Networking, 1999. CFA Level 1 xxxxxsx

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Technical Skills If you are seeking a position that requires technical expertise with certain types of hardware or software, include in a separate section only those skills that may be of interest to the employer and in which you are truly proficient.


Java, C++, C, Pascal, SQL Server, MS Access, XML

Omit MS Office applications. Multicultural Competency Describe your international experience and language capabilities. Describe language skill levels of skill as Fluent, Intermediate or Conversational

MULTICULTURAL Business travel in England, Japan, Germany and China; fluent in Mandarin COMPETENCY

Interests Only include an Interests section if you have a unique interest or one about which you are particularly passionate.


Qualified for and completed three Boston Marathons, 2003-2005. Accomplished vocalist, including opera, classical and liturgical.

Community Activities Community activities offer you the ability to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded and interesting candidate. It may also offer you the opportunity to highlight your leadership skills.


United South End Settlements, Boston, MA, 2006-Present. Math Tutor for Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED). President, School Advisory Committee, Belmont, MA, 2005-2006.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Awards If you have received honors and/or awards for your outstanding work or in your volunteer capacity, you may want to include this information on your resume in a separate section. Include only those that are easily understood by an external audience.


Recipient of the first award for “Outstanding Service in International Operations” at IBM International. “Red Cross Volunteer of the Quarter”, October-December 2007.

Publications Include a list of publications of which you are an author only if you think it would be of interest to potential employers. For instance, perhaps you were a co-author on a professor’s journal article while working on a prior degree in biology, and are now seeking a job with a biotech firm. We suggest you use The American Psychological Association (APA) Citation Style or an alternative appropriate to your discipline. American Psychological Association (APA) Style
PUBLICATIONS Jones, D. R., Smith, M. R. & Your Name, (1991). Name of article, Name of publication, Volume (Issue), Pages.

If you are a prolific writer, you can save space by summarizing your experience.


Co-author of 14 manuscripts. Published articles in numerous trade publications, including Ad Age and Ad Week.

Information NOT to Include on Your Resume
In the US, it is not appropriate to include a picture or personal information on your resume, such as age, sex, marital status, children, religious affiliation. This standard varies from culture to culture, so if you are applying for a job outside the U.S., verify the norm for resumes in the country/region in which you are applying for jobs.

Editing Your Resume
Once you have drafted your resume using the template, you may find you need to make edits to adjust line endings or close up extra spacing between sections. Open the document, position the cursor within the body of the resume and highlight a section. Click on Layout at the far right, click on View Gridlines. Adjust line endings etc. by moving the vertical gridlines. Close up spacing by placing the cursor in the space to be deleted, right click, select Delete, click on Delete Entire Row, click on OK.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Other Resume Formats
Multiple-Page Resume Format Multiple-page resumes are appropriate when a job candidate has more than ten years of professional experience. You are welcome to develop a multiple-page resume if your professional experience warrants it. However, for the purposes of campus recruiting and the BU School of Management resume books, only one page resumes will be allowed. Functional Resumes Although functional resumes offer you flexibility in discussing your experiences and transferable skills, companies and recruiters have indicated that they do not like functional resumes for two reasons: (1) they know that the purpose of these resumes is to conceal liabilities and (2) they find it hard to tell which activities and accomplishments pertain to which employer. DO NOT use a functional resume format. If your professional experience does not show up effectively in a chronological format, seek advice on how to develop a resume that minimizes your concerns and showcases your strengths.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


IV. Common Resume Concerns and How to Address Them

Dual Degree
If you are receiving another degree from BU, School of Management, your degrees may be listed as follows:

BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT MS-MBA dual degree candidate, May 2010 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

Boston, MA

Joint Degrees
If you are receiving another degree from BU, but outside the School of Management, your degrees may be listed as follows:

BOSTON UNIVERSITY Candidate for Master of Business Administration degree (MBA), May 2010 Candidate for Master in International Relations (MA), May 2010

Boston, MA

Multiple Undergraduate Institutions
If you transferred schools as an undergraduate, they may be listed as follows:

HAMILTON COLLEGE Bachelor of Arts, Government, summa cum laude, June 2010 UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND Coursework toward Bachelor of Science in Engineering, May 2004

Clinton, NY

Kingston, RI

Study Abroad
SMITH COLLEGE Bachelor of Arts, History, June 2003 UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH Junior Year Abroad, 2001-2002 Northampton, MA

Edinburgh, Scotland

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Company Name Change
If a company you have worked for has changed names, you may indicate the previous name on your resume.


DIVINE (PREVIOUSLY OPEN MARKET) Business Development Associate

Chicago, IL 2005-2007

Gaps in Employment
If you have gaps in employment on your resume for personal reasons (maternity, illness, relocated with spouse, etc.) or for a short period of time (three to six months for example), do not feel the need to explain this on your resume. Finally, if you did something of interest during that period of time, you may wish to include this information in the Activities section of your resume.


Completed ten month, 31 country tour of the world, 2000-2001 Served as volunteer marketing consultant to local nonprofit organizations, 2001-2003.

Small Company Experience
If the company you worked for is unknown to recruiters, use a one-line company descriptor to describe what the company did.


ABC SOFTWARE, INC. E-learning and collaboration market start-up. Product Manager

Cambridge, MA 2007 - 2009

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Entrepreneurial Experience
If you founded or started a company, describe your business and detail the major activities and skills required to launch the business.


ABC SOFTWARE, INC. Boston, MA Internet-based business to support sales professionals with team collaboration tools. 2005-Present Co-Founder and President  Developed business and financial plan to raise capital.  Secured $1.5M in funding in less than one year.  Analyzed competitive landscape in U.S. and abroad, through a variety of methods.  Collaborated with research and development to produce a demonstration website for potential clients and business development partners. Secured two new clients within the first six months, valued at $1.2 million.

Multiple Temporary Jobs
If you worked for a temporary agency for a few months (for example two to four months) in between jobs, we recommend that you do NOT include this experience. However, if you worked for a temporary agency for a significant amount of time (for example 12-24 months) and you feel the need to account for this on your resume, you have several options. If you performed several short temporary assignments, we recommend you include your experience as follows:


ACCOUNT TEMPS Boston, MA Accountant 2001-2002  Performed accounting functions for a variety of companies including IBM, State Street Bank and Fidelity Investments.

If you only worked for a few companies for extended periods of time, you may want to include your experience as follows:



Boston, MA 2000-2001

Project Manager  Hired by AMB company to implement and train sales and customer service employees on Siebel CRM solutions. Business Analyst  Hired by XYZ firm as primary interface between IT and Business Development to design a new solution for tracking interactions and results with business development partners.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Short Term Work Experiences
Short-term work experiences, such as a six-month assignment, should be included on your resume as any other professional experience, except when the short-term experience is self-employment as a consultant.

We suggest you list your self-employment as an independent consultant. If you performed the same kind of work for each firm, we suggest you provide a description of the service you offered and an overview of some of your client projects.


Boston, MA 2005-2007 Provided start-up companies with assistance in developing marketing plans.  Non-profit organization in international development. Developed marketing plan to target new customers in multiple geographical regions.  Software company in customer care applications. Developed marketing communications strategy/plan to increase visibility among a variety of constituencies.


© Feld Career Center, June 2010


V. Electronic Resumes
Employers and recruiters generally scan resumes into a database and then search the resume database using “keywords”. Keywords are the basis of the electronic search and retrieval process and generally include:  Nouns or phrases that highlight technical or functional areas of expertise  Industry-related phrases  Project-related vocabulary In preparing your resume, think about what keywords the company might be looking for and make sure those keywords are included on your resume. There are several ways to research keywords that a company might be looking for: o Review the company’s website for key messages. o Review job descriptions posted on the company’s website. o Review the website of an industry association for key industry vocabulary. Do NOT include a separate section of your resume called KEYWORDS.

Submitting Your Resume Electronically
When submitting your resume to an employer, do not assume that it is acceptable to send your resume as an attachment. Many employers are requesting that you do not send attachments. Many firms and websites prefer simple text (ASCII format) in the body of an email. Follow these steps to help you create an ASCII resume suitable for sending over email: 1. In your word processing document, set your left and right margins to one inch so that you have 6.5 inches of text displayed on the screen.  Use the File, Page Setup option 2. Open your existing resume in Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher. 3. Select all of the text, and then select a font that is non-proportional, such as Courier. This will produce 65 characters per line, which will accommodate most email programs. 4. Save your resume as a “text only” file with a .txt extension.  Use File, Save as option  Select File type as (*.txt) 5. Open this new file in Notepad, or another text editor that allows you to cut and paste your text. 6. Review your resume in the text editor. Notepad allows you to review your resume as your recipient will see it. 7. Replace all unsupported characters with their ASCII equivalent. For example:  Bullets appear as question marks or other characters; they can be replaced with asterisks or hyphens.  Be sure to check your dates. Alignment will probably shift when you save your file in *txt format. 8. If you see long lines of text in your editor, use Notepad’s word wrap feature under the Format menu. This feature will insert hard returns allowing you to format the resume to meet specified margins. 9. Once you are satisfied with how your resume looks in the text editor, copy and paste the text of the resume into a test e-mail message. Send yourself a copy of this email to preview it, before you consider sending it to a recruiter or directly to a
© Feld Career Center, June 2010


hiring company. Additional information and detailed instructions are available at: using the login information provided in Section III.

Suggested Naming Convention for Resumes Sent as Email Attachments Make it easy for the recipient to find your electronic resume, once it is detached from an email. When you “save” your resume, save it as a .doc file; use a meaningful naming convention such as your first initial, last name and then identify the document as a resume. Adding the company name can also help you manage multiple versions of your resume. CAhlgrenFidelityResume.doc

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Appendix A: Self-Assessment
If you are eligible to take Career Leader you should also review your results as you prepare to write your resume. Key components of self-assessment
Four key components of self-assessment:  Identifying your skills and competencies: What you do well  Identifying your interests: What you like to do  Identifying your values: What motivates you  Identifying your ideal job preferences We recommend that you spend at least an hour of your time on these exercises before you begin writing your resume. List your results on the following worksheet.

Self Assessment Exercises
Identifying your skills and competencies Think about a past job/experience (paid or unpaid) and answer the following questions:  Why did you take the job?  What interested you about the particular company or organization?  What did you like and dislike about this job? o Be specific. For example, if you did not like sitting behind a computer all day, explain why. What about sitting behind a computer is unappealing?  What skills did you like using in this job? o Were you good at performing this skill? o Do you think this skill is transferable and marketable to others?  What skills did you not like using in this job? o Why did you not like using this skill? o Would you want to use this skill in your next job/career?  What skills did you develop or improve upon as a result of this job?  If the experience was successful, what skills did you use that made it successful?  If the experience was unsuccessful, what skills did you lack? Can you develop them? Identifying your interests  What types of work or volunteer experiences do you get excited about?  What types of books and/or magazines do you like to read?  If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Why?  If you have a free day, how would you spend your time? Identifying your values  What motivates you? There is no right answer and be honest with yourself. Some values are: o Security o Status o Personal growth o Money o Helping others o Service to society o Creative expression  Consider how these values drive your decisions.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Identifying your Ideal Job Preferences  What is the ideal environment for your next job? o Consider tangibles such as salary, bonus, and benefits. o Consider intangibles such as culture, freedom, and autonomy.  What are the five essential elements that you must have in your next job?  What are the five elements you do NOT want in your next job?

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Use this worksheet to list the results from your self-assessment exercises SKILLS/COMPETENCIES What you are good at INTERESTS What you like to do VALUES What motivates you PREFERENCES What you gravitate towards

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Appendix B: BU Resume Template and Sample Resumes
Below is the required format for all resumes submitted through the campus recruiting program and published in the Graduate resume books. The BU resume template is available as an electronic Word file at

[First and Last Name]

[U.S.Citizen (only if needed for clarification) or Dual Citizenship] [Local Street Address]  [City, State Zip]  [Phone]  [Email]


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Boston, MA Candidate for [Insert MBA or MS-MBA], [Month Year]  Concentration in [insert concentration]  GMAT [xxx] [PREVIOUS COLLEGE] [Degree & Major], [Month Year]  [Insert Academic Awards/Achievements]  [Insert Academic Awards/Achievements] [Location]


[COMPANY NAME] [Title of position]  [Insert accomplishment statement, awards, achievement, etc]  [Insert accomplishment statement, awards, achievement, etc] [COMPANY NAME] [Title of position]  [Insert accomplishment statement, awards, achievement, etc]  [Insert accomplishment statement, awards, achievement, etc] [COMPANY NAME] [Title of position]  [Insert accomplishment statement, awards, achievement, etc]  [Insert accomplishment statement, awards, achievement, etc]

[Location] [Year - Year]

[Location] [Year - Year]

[Location] [Year - Year]


[Include additional information such as computer skills, leadership roles, volunteer work, publications, professional affiliations, community activities, interests, certifications, honors/awards, or military experience] [Include additional information such as computer skills, leadership roles, volunteer work, publications, professional affiliations, community activities, interests, certifications, honors/awards, or military experience]


MULTICULTURAL [Include business and personal travel experience and countries visited; and/or languages/dialects spoken and fluency - conversational, intermediate, fluent] COMPETENCY

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Diane Kelly
58 Brainerd Road #4  Allston, MA  617-222-3333 


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for MS-MBA dual degree, May 2007 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Bachelor of Arts, Economics, May 1999

Boston, MA

Ann Arbor, MI


Boston, MA WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT CO., LLP Information Analyst 2003-2005  Led monthly team meetings to discuss operational issues.  Initiated project to track corporate action data with four information vendors and documented each vendor’s level of service.  Analyzed securities data such as prices, corporate action information, and dividends.  Processed corporate actions (splits, bonus issues, stock dividends, mergers, name changes, rights issues) to the security database. Ensured corporate action processing was posted correctly to the system.  Developed Open Bloomberg and Reuters application programs to automate pricing and data capture of corporate actions and securities pricing information, resulting in quick and easy applications to capture daily pricing of securities and detailed data-capture spreadsheets to check integrity of information from the firm’s suppliers. Quincy, MA STATE STREET BANK AND TRUST CO. Advisor Representative (2001-2003) 1999-2003  Effectively managed relationships with 20 money management firms and investment advisors.  Executed investment manager’s trading instructions and supervised their settlements on a timely basis.  Researched investment manager’s inquiries regarding trading issues, cash problems, and other security discrepancies.  Improved productivity of seven-person team by efficient management of client inquiries. Provided quick turnaround of over 200 inquiries on a monthly basis. Portfolio Accountant (1999-2001)  Administered foreign accounts for State Street Bank Australia and executed their instructions for trading and settlement of various US securities.  Calculated monthly market values of portfolio and generated summary report of cash and trading activities.  Streamlined daily activities by digitizing forms and documents and recommending them for group use.


C/C++, Oracle Designer 2000, HTML. Proficient in the use of Bloomberg News, Reuters, Telesphere/Bridge, and IDC

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Donald Zemeska
1001 Beacon Street #3  Brookline, MA 02445  617-111-2222  


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for Master of Business Administration (MBA), May 2007  Concentration in Health Care Management  GPA: 3.75, GMAT: 710 BATES COLLEGE Bachelor of Science, Biology, cum laude, May 2002  Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology, 2001-2002  Varsity Soccer, 1999-2002

Boston, MA

Lewiston, ME


Waltham, MA TUFTS ASSOCIATED HEALTH PLANS Summer 2006 Finance Intern  Constructed planning and modeling tools to facilitate budget process and improve data flow between departments.  Collaborated with multiple departments to collect data and analyze business trends; efforts used by management to aid in the development of the overall business planning cycle. Worcester, MA UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL SCHOOL CANCER CENTER 2003-2005 Medical Technologist II (2004-2005) Medical Technologist I (2003-2004)  Performed cost analysis of laboratory procedures, the results of which were used to negotiate pricing with outside vendors.  Wrote new standard operating procedure manual for quality control measures in department in response to new accreditation requirements.  Trained four new employees in all areas of laboratory operations and served as information resource to 12 technologists in department. Orono, ME UNIVERSITY OF MAINE, Department of Biology 2002-2003 Research Associate  Conducted a laboratory resource analysis in order to evaluate the lab’s logistical processes. Suggested improvements in resource utilization and ordering processes led to a 40% reduction in wait time for supplies and a 15% reduction in inventory levels.  Contributed to Professor I. M. Smart’s research on carcinogenesis; this project has resulted in articles published in Molecular Cancer and Journal of Carcinogenesis.


Volunteer at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton, MA, 2004-present.

Avid soccer player: compete in local soccer league, and part time referee for Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS).

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Joon Kim
111 Newbury Street #5  Boston, MA 02134  617-777-8888  


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for MS_MBA dual degree, May 2007 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) Overall GPA: 3.88 DANKOOK UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science, Japanese Literature, February 2000  Won prize for top student in Japanese Literature, 2000  President, IT Club, 1999-2000

Boston, MA

Seoul, Korea


Cambridge, MA ACCENTURE INSTITUTE FOR STRATEGIC CHANGE 2005-present Intern  Analyze and streamline content creation and publication for original research institute. Implement Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, recommend Web site improvements, and prototype information products to capture attention of executive audience and facilitate idea sharing among research teams. Seoul, Korea DONGSUH SECURITIES CO., LTD. 2002-2005 Assistant Director, Information Technology (2003-2005) IT Consultant (2002-2003)  Hired to analyzed the information technology practices in 13 branches of this securities firm in order to troubleshoot problems and recommend coherent IT strategy for use across branches.  Met with managers and line personnel in each branch to identify best practices, current and potential problems, and methods of usage of each system.  Prepared report and presented results to approximately 70 upper and middle level branch managers. Hired on as Assistant Director to oversee building of IT staff and implementation of recommendations.  Hired and managed team of 15 IT professionals to work both within branches and in headquarters; continued monthly meetings with senior branch managers and IT team to ensure consistency and excellence across company in all IT endeavors. Seoul, Korea SIXTH UNITED STATES ARMY 2000-2002 Non-Commissioned Officer  Organized programs at this Army Retreat Center for 250 groups and 20,000 service members annually.  Facilitated logistics and communication between supply units, dining facility and transportation motor pool in order to ensure smooth organization of all aspects of programming.  Prepared and presented reports on Retreat usage to commanding office.  Managed staff of 20 military and civilian personnel.


Experience with C, C++, Perl, and IA32 Programming Languages, as well as UNIX.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Luis Guerrero
57 St. Paul Street #8  Brookline, MA 02445  617-555-6666 


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for Master of Business Administration (MBA), May 2007 UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE Bachelor of Science, Systems Engineering, July 1998  GPA 8.89/10  Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Department, 1997-1998

Boston, MA

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela


Caracas, Venezuela PETROLEOS DE VENEZUELA 1999-2005 Computer Helpdesk Supervisor (2004-2005)  Led team in charge of restructuring helpdesk department. Developed new strategies for computer assistance of almost 700 users. Implemented new organizational structure for the call center. Motivated technical personnel and reduced turnover. Developed expertise in customer service. Increased number of cases resolved daily by 10%.  Supervised implementation of first ever information support system used by support technicians and supervisors as a tactical tool. Created the first knowledge base for the help desk department to be used in training and support. Reduced by 25% response time and backlog in open cases.  Coordinated upgrading process of PCs used at company headquarters. Executed project two months ahead of schedule while coming in under budget through negotiating better deals with hardware and software vendors. Systems Analyst (1999-2004)  Supervised implementation of information system for treasury department. Reduced time to treasury reports by 60%. Simplified work flow process, reducing workforce required by three people. Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela UNIVERSIDAD DE ORIENTE 1998-1999 Instructor  Taught freshman and senior courses in computer science. Average class size was 30 students.  Revised course syllabi, selected textbooks, and created course materials to create a more dynamic approach to learning computer programming.


Computer Skills: SPSS, MS SQL Server, IBM AS/400, Novell Network.


Avid horseback rider; competed in amateur polo for 10 years in Venezuela.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Abigail Lee
89 Bay State Road #6  Boston, MA 02215  617-333-4444 


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for Master of Business Administration, May 2007 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Arts, Management, 2000  President, Marketing Club

Boston, MA

College Station, TX


Houston, TX RUN WITH IT MARKETING, INC. Marketing agency specializing in all aspects of sports merchandising 2001-2005 Advertising Coordinator (2002-2005)  Coordinated creative development and negotiated and purchased media placement of individual advertising campaigns for over 40 product launches per year.  Implemented streamlined advertising development process by initiating electronic transfer of files with ad agency. Also evaluated outsourcing procedure for film production; recommendation to implement in-house production led to 50% cost reduction.  Managed $2 million advertising budget; reconciled and forecasted variances monthly.  Interacted with licensors (NBA. NFL, NHL, NASCAR), agents, and athletes to manage timely approval of images, legal lines, and trademarks within ads.  Managed company’s first corporate radio campaign, working with sales force to create and purchase regional radio ads with local retailer tie-ins.  Researched, wrote, and presented to senior management reports on competitors’ advertising strategies. Marketing Specialist (2001-2002)  Wrote, edited, and coordinated production of packaging copy and sales collateral materials.  Coordinated product development plans with multiple departments (finance, legal, design, operations).  Evaluated weekly sales forecasts for product launches and reported results to marketing managers. New York, NY UNIFIED MERCHANDISING 2000-2001 Merchandise Assistant  Developed reports and charts demonstrating the progression of volume and trends for merchandise whose combined volume exceeded $250 million.  Coordinated and facilitated weekly sales worksheets for five major department stores.  Prepared detailed, comprehensive presentation that were used in monthly marketing conferences of senior managers.


Significant experience in using PowerPoint in marketing presentations. Currently serve as Marketing Manager for Boston Volunteers, an organization that pairs young adults with short term volunteer opportunities with a variety of local nonprofit groups.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Jacqueline Pinchot
18 Bay State Road #9  Boston, MA 02215  617-888-9999 


BOSTON UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Candidate for Master of Business Administration, May 2007 Concentration in Public and Nonprofit Management COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Candidate for Master of Arts, International Relations, May 2007

Boston, MA

Montreal, Quebec MCGILL UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Social Work, with honors, June, 2002  Chaired staff of volunteers who ran annual book drive to raise money for scholarship fund.  Completed field placement in local youth detention center. EXPERIENCE Boston, MA UNITED WAY OF MASSACHUSETTS BAY Summer 2006 Intern  Reported to team of senior directors charged with managing the investment and agency review process with the goal of assuring effective investment of donor dollars; gained expertise on best practices with regard to evaluating organizations and initiatives to ensure maximum return on donor contributions. Cameroon, Africa UNITED STATES PEACE CORPS 2002-2005 Project Manager and Educator  Wrote grant proposal to fund a new HIV/AIDS educational program; developed and managed resulting program completed by 200 local residents over a two-year period.  Established local school’s first English library and coordinated efforts to build its collection via individual and corporate donations from the US.  Organized a new teacher seminar for English-speaking local residents in order to promote grassroots educational efforts.  Taught English to high school-aged and adult students; class size ranged from 4-25.  Consulted with and advised a team of ten teachers in the revision and editing of lesson materials to make them more age appropriate and culturally relevant; efforts increased student participation and improved learning.  Completed biannual reports for Peace Corps supervisors; included both self-assessment and a review of project results and team efforts. San Francisco, CA BUSINESS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Summers, 2000-2001 Intern  Researched local history and guidelines on corporate volunteerism and community involvement in order to inform outreach programs and promote best practices.  Gained knowledge and insight into the effect the corporate sector can have on nonprofit and grassroots efforts.


Literacy Tutor, Action for Boston Community Development, 2005-present.

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Appendix C: Grammar Rules and Resume Action Verbs

Rules for Capitalization, Abbreviations, Dates, and Numbers
 

Capitalize the names of foreign countries, nationalities and specific languages. Do NOT capitalize industries or disciplines such as marketing, finance, strategy, biotechnology or high technology. o Example: Performed market research on high technology and biotechnology firms.


   

Abbreviate states for employer locations. o Use postal abbreviations (e.g. MA for Massachusetts). o Do not abbreviate states in the body of a job description (e.g. responsible for sales in Massachusetts). Do not abbreviate your degrees. o Bachelor of Arts, not BA For percentages, we recommend you use the percentage sign. o Example: Increased sales by 25% over a six-month period. Do NOT abbreviate co. or corp. Spell them out: Company and Corporation. Spell out address information. o 15 Tenth Street, not 15 Tenth St.

 

Write out years completely: 2001-2004, not 2001-04. Spell out months: February not Feb.

Writing Numbers
  

Numbers less than ten should be spelled. o Two, not 2 Spell numbers when beginning sentences. o Six percent increase in sales, not 6% increase. Use figures for large monetary amounts. o $250,000 in sales o $14. 5 million (spell million and use lower case “m”) When referring to monetary amounts from overseas, translate the amount into US dollars and write it as follows: o US$14.5 million

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


Resume Verbs Achievement accelerated accomplished achieved activated attained competed earned effected elicited executed exercised expanded expedited generated improved increased insured marketed mastered obtained produced reduced reorganized reproduced restructured simplified sold solicited streamlined succeeded upgraded

Administrative arranged channeled charted collated collected coordinated dispensed distributed established executed implemented installed maintained offered ordered outlined performed prepared processed provided purchased recorded rendered served serviced sourced supported

Communication addressed arbitrated articulated briefed communicated conducted contacted conveyed corresponded delivered demonstrated edited entertained interviewed informed lectured mediated negotiated persuaded presented promoted proposed publicized reported represented responded suggested translated wrote

Creative authored changed conceived constructed created developed devised drafted established formulated founded illustrated influenced introduced invented launched originated revamped revised staged updated visualized

Financial allocated analyzed appraised audited balanced budgeted calculated compiled computed controlled disbursed estimated figured financed forecasted projected reconciled tabulated

Technical adapted adjusted applied built computed constructed designed diagnosed engineered experimented maintained modified operated prescribed programmed proved reinforced repaired resolved restored solved specified systematized tested

Research/ Analytical assessed compared critiqued defined derived detected determined discovered evaluated examined explored found inspected interpreted investigated located measured observed predicted rated recommended researched reviewed searched studied

Lead/Manage acquired administered approved assigned chaired contracted controlled decided delegated directed enlisted governed handled initiated instilled instituted managed motivated presided recruited retained reviewed

Plan/Organize allocated anticipated arranged catalogued categorized classified collected consolidated convened edited eliminated employed gathered grouped monitored organized planned regulated scheduled

Help/Teach advised clarified coached collaborated consulted counseled educated explained facilitated guided helped instructed modeled participated taught trained tutored

© Feld Career Center, June 2010


© Feld Career Center, June 2010


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...Anticipated graduation date ↑ Anticipated graduation date ↑ Use professional, McCombs, or utexas email address Remove hyperlink to email address Use professional, McCombs, or utexas email address Remove hyperlink to email address Keep resume to 1 pg. & font size between 10-12 pt. Utilize an easy-to-read font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman Keep resume to 1 pg. & font size between 10-12 pt. Utilize an easy-to-read font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman All margins should be a minimum of 1/2 inch All margins should be a minimum of 1/2 inch Use 14-18 pt., bold font to delineate name Use 14-18 pt., bold font to delineate name FirstName LastName Local Street Address, Apt. ### City, State Zip (###) ###-#### EDUCATION The University of Texas at Austin | Major & minor must be officially declared Major & minor must be officially declared Bachelor of Business Administration, Major | May XXXX | Highlight an additional area of study [Optional] or an academic certificate Highlight an additional area of study [Optional] or an academic certificate | Minor: Area of study↑ Completed hours w/ grades posted ↑ Completed hours w/ grades posted Additional Coursework in [Area of study], XX hours | | | ↑Do not round up GPA; truncate after two decimal places ↑Do not round up GPA; truncate after two decimal......

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...BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RESUME  Part 1 of this series talking about how goal setting is the most important step for running an efficient job hunt. We have to have clearly written career goals. Forgetting to set our goals is not a good thing. In Part 1, I also provided some recommended resources so we can set our goals and get that part of our job search settled. Here is a quote worth repeating from that earlier article,  Step 2 - Writing Our Business Card Resume Before our actually write our business card resume let's talk about how we are going to use it. Question: Who is the audience for the business card resume? We can play some Final Jeopardy music here if we like. Think about who gets our business card resume. Who will receive it and what will they do with it? Let me give we a few scenarios:  We are at a networking event and we meet someone  We are at Starbucks having coffee with someone and a third person comes up to say hello to our guest. We get introduced  We meet someone who needs something and we want to offer help We need a job. We want to make sure everyone hearing our message knows that and our goals is to enlist our every contact to help we secure our next job. My recommendation is to keep our message simple. The obvious stuff for our business card resume is our name, phone number (mobile only)preferred email and all other possible ways to reach you. Then deliver a clear message (the one's on those sites are move involved) using the front or......

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...Writing a great resume does not necessarily mean you should follow the rules you hear through the grapevine. It does not have to be one page or follow a specific resume format. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing communication. It should be appropriate to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do. Instead of a bunch of rules and tips, we are going to cut to the chase in this brief guide and offer you the most basic principles of writing a highly effective resume. Who are we to be telling you how to write your resume? As part of our career consulting practice, we have coached and advised Fortune 500 C.E.O.s, senior members of the last few presidential administrations, thousands of mid and early career professionals, artists, technical people and others in nearly every field of endeavor. This guide is especially for people looking for a job in the United States. In the U.S., the rules of job hunting are much more relaxed than they are in Europe and Asia. You can do a lot more active personal marketing in your resume here. You may have to tone down our advice a few notches and use a more traditional, conservative format accepted in your field if you live elsewhere or are in law, academia or a technical engineering, computer or scientific field. But even when your presentation must fit a narrow set of rules, you can still use the principles we will present to make your presentation more effective than your competition's....

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...have had the opportunity to speak, as I do not wish to discuss my current decision to relocate back to Nevada without solid employment opportunities. As an effort to constantly strive for improvement I am also a full time student at the University of Phoenix. I am currently excelling in achieving my bachelors in business management. My goal is to obtain a career that will allow me to use my skills, compassionate patient care, and leadership qualities to their fullest and eventually lead me into a position that will allow me to utilize my degree. I sincerely look forward to meeting with you at your earliest convenience. You may contact me at (775) 835- 3014 or you can e-mail me at Attached to this cover letter is my resume and experience. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely: Megan Pruitt | | | megan pruitt 1509 Crest View Rd. Fernley, NV 89408 (775) 835-3014 Medical Assistant | | | PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Dental Professionals of Texas- Tide Dental • Corpus Christi, TX• February, 2012 – Current General and Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Coordinator Dentrix experience Receptionist responsibilities- phones, scheduling, faxing, filing and scanning Collections Coordination of care/ Referrals Registration and check out Filing claims Billing and Coding Prescriptions and refills Insurance verifications and full break down of coverage Liaison between the office and marketing team in an effort to appropriately schedule and......

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