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Learning to deal with challenging behaviours, watching individuals express how they feel through screaming and shouting and becoming hostile.
I hope to be able to develop relationships with the individuals who avail of the service as I can understand for the individuals that there may be issues around developing relationships as there may be trust issues, it can be seen through the theory Erickson’s theory that mistrust can be developed through the early stages of life, and how one’s needs are not met, so in an overall view this can lead an individual not having trust in people around them and those who may enter their lives at a later stage.
When speaking of challenging behaviour, I am referring to the intensity of and frequency in how one individual may express themselves. This is also the types of behaviours in which may not be seen as to be normal behaviours by society in its self.
It is to be focused as well in how well a social worker can conduct themselves and how they personally can handle the situation.
Working in residential care homes for young adults this is not something in which an individual can prepare themselves as the constancy of outburst can be on a regular basis or as little as possible. Each individual is different to the next person and has their own particular issues and can behave differently to the next.
One learning aspect for me is to not judge the individuals and to try and show them compassion and understanding, and be able to identify as why it is that they may behave the way they do.
There are many reasons as to why one behaves in the way they do, as this is what may fit their life style and this is how they have adapt to particular lifestyle.
At the beginning of the placement I have spoken with the SCM in regards to the young people who were in the house and that they young people have their own particular…...

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