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Recommendation for Requirement Analysis process in FPSO Conversion project

One of the main reasons for the failure of the FPSO project was due to improper understanding of the requirement. This was the main factor which leads to cost and schedule overrun.

In FPSO Previous project experiences were driving officials to apply those data to this project. As we know each project are unique. It is necessary to analyze the requirements fully before referring to the knowledge database for assistance.

It is also required for the organization to understand the true meaning of requirement analysis. Organization must consider the requirement analysis as critical for having successful project completion. There is a need for a common framework for requirement analysis. Some organizations have their own process but still it is required to create a conceptual model for requirement analysis. As requirement analysis is human centered activity it is considered as Soft System. As there are many stakeholders involved in the FPSO projects it is considered as fuzzy problem to record all their objectives for requirement analysis. Soft System Methodology will be tool for creating the conceptual model.

Most frequently used framework is indicated below in figure 2.
Figure 2: Existing requirement analysis framework by JSPL

We will modify Checkland’s SSM to more succinct model for improving the existing requirement model of JSPL as indicated in the figure 3.
Figure 3: Improved Checkland’s SSM for JSPL

In These ‘Formulate Root Definitions’ and ‘Build Ideal Systematic Model’(Conceptual Model) blocks are known as basic ‘building block’ of SSM. The main aim of Root Definition is to capture the purpose and conceptual model is to represent the structured activities which are needed to solve the purpose. In short Root Definition is about ‘What System is ‘and…...

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