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Republican National Convention Address - Analysis

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech: “Republican National Convention Address”, performed and written in 2004, is a powerful speech, where he speaks about the American Dream, which he have experienced, his horrible childhood plagued by communism and how grateful he is for being in such a meaningful position – in such a wonderful country, which he praises.

The writer of the speech, Mike Murphy, has chosen to base the speech a lot on patriotism through the rhetorical mode pathos. It’s noteworthy that one of the first constructed sentences is heavily pathos-based, because Schwarzenegger speaks about the American Dream and compares it with him being able, as a scrawny boy from Austria, to become Governor of the State of California. That screams patriotism due to it being a trademark for America that anyone, from anywhere, can come to America, and live the so-called American Dream, and achieve success the spite of his or her present background. Schwarzenegger then continues on with praising America for its compassion and generosity, and he then compares the god-blessed country, with all the other world countries, which he supposedly all have visited, and claims that out of all of them, America is supreme. Not only does this give the citizens listening a heartwarming feeling, but they also think that: this man knows what he’s talking about, because he have been everywhere, which is done through ethos.

Ethos is used properly once more, with a twist of logos, later in the text, when Schwarzenegger refers to a parallel situation, where the Americans are outstanding and helpful. He goes through a list of historical events, like when the Germans brought down the Berlin Wall, America was determent to help. When a young Chinese man stood in front of those tanks in Tiananmen Square, America stood with him. When Nelson Mandela smiled in election victory after all those years in…...

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