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Javeria Khan Permanent Address: Eden Value Homes House#15, Street 03, Block A. Multan road Lahore Pakistan.
Email:[->0] Phone: 03333293843


To work in a challenging and professional environment, where I can groom my technical, managerial and interpersonal skills and provide a valuable contribution to the organization.


Bachelors in Fashion & Designing Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing (4 years)
2006 – 2010 F.Sc Karachi Public College, Karachi, Pakistan
2003 – 2005 S.S.C St. Peter’s High School, Karachi, Pakistan

· Research and inspirational work
· Mood boards
· Design development
· Textile designing TECHNICAL SKILLS

· Pattern
· Draping
· Sewing
· Fashion drawings


· Lawn print for Nishat linen.
· Children wear for Mini Minors.
· Projects on themes like military, mafia, ballerina, color assignment.

· Mrs. Kazmi (2months)
· Nomi Ansari (2weeks)
· Few projects with Yahsir Waheed. (in PIFD)
· Attended Fashion Marketing seminar by Sarah Shahid.


OBJECTIVISM: A philosophy based Ayn Rand’s concept of “being” and includes the concepts of atheism self Supreme Being and the concept of “I” my task was to transform philosophy into garments.


· Free volunteering in exhibitions
· Excessive reading
· Presentations
· Poems
· Sports
· Research analyzing work
· Marketing related article search to improve marketing skills
· Tracking trend records…(fashion, clothing and color)
· Working for a nonprofit funding society namely Taabeer and Kumak.

· Successfully concluded 4 exhibitions under a registered brand name Jashan, leading it by appointments and exporting garments abroad as well.
· Worked at Habitt as esthetic textile designer for six months.
· Freelance work for boutique namely Life plus Style.
· Worked for Widyaan by Shahid Afridi for six months.
· Currently teaching at Karachi School of Arts.
· Currently working at Life Plus Styles boutique (branches Bahadurabad and City Center) for past one year.

REFERENCES Yahsir Waheed (head of fashion design department, PIFD) Hina Tayaba (principle of PIFD) 04235315401 (PIFD official No.) Shawana Abid (head professor of draping and pattern) Sadaf Rm Naeem (head of fine arts, PIFD, visiting faculty of NCA) Asma Faraz ( former head of department Visual Arts KU, H.O.D of ksa03002163388) Madiha khan (arts and craft Visual Arts KU, KSA, Sadequain’s Academy 03343372608 Khursheed Anwer (owner of life plus styles)03212253064 Beenish Amir (head designer Widyaan) Arshia Zaidi interior designer Habitt 03323768126 Hania Shamim textile consultant at Habitt, textile designer at Firdaus Textile 03312887246 Imran zuberi director of Karachi School of Arts

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