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Reflection on Elderly Care

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Reflective Writing“Being a caregiver of senior people is a challenge” this is my contemplation after I went to the field visit. I observed a numerous of learning situations in the area of aged care facilities. I explored myself with the permition of my facilitator to look around and have a little time conv ersation to elderly people. As the exploration and observation going trough I found out that communicating with the elderly people is a difficult process and a challenge to the caregiver that may impact to implement the system of care. Communication is one of the barrier that results in difficulty and stress between caregivers and elderly patient. This may vary in different ways such as cultures, languages and lose of some forms of functionality (Edwards & Chapman 2004 and Smith et al., 2010). Base on my knowledge of learning and experienced of visiting nursing home; I will finish by reflecting the significance of this assignments and the suggestion of giving care for elderly people and coping stress of a caregiver.

While I’m sitting down beside of 76 years old woman for having a converse, I had a feeling of amusing in her story and a bit of emotional as well when I realised her thorny situation. Recently, the nurse comes for the medication of this old woman that I am talking with. In this situation I learned the communication skills of how to convince the demented patient…...

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