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"Recruitment and Selection Process" in Unilever Bangladesh Limited

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MGT-341 Human Resource management


Prepared for
Mahnaz Akhter
School of business

Prepared By
Group 1
Sec: B
Semester: Fall-2013

23th December 2013
Mahnaz Akhter
School of business
University of Information Technology and Science (UITS)

Subject: Submitted the Term paper of MGT-341
Dear Madam
It is indeed a great pleasure for us to be able to hand over the result of our hardship of the group Term paper on RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS IN UNILEVER BANGLADESH LIMITED. This report is the result of the knowledge. This has been acquired from the respective course.

We tried our level best for preparing this report. The information of this report is mainly based on our knowledge and Internet information.

We fervently hope that you will find this plan worth reading. Please feel free for any query or clarification that you would like us explain. Hope you will appreciate our hard work and excuse the minor errors.

Thanking you for your cooperation.

Group 1

Name&ID Signetures Rahat a jan 12310577

Jinia Afrin 12410291

Abdia Sultana 12310290

Shamima Jesmin 12310469

Md.Basaduzzaman 11510268


First of all we want to give thanks to almighty Allah for giving us the opportunity to complete this assignment then us world take our grateful thank to our honorable parents.

After that we would like to express our gratitude to our teacher Mahnaz Akhter Lecturer School of business, in UITS. Her advice helped us a lot to prepare a complete assignment and she never hesitate to give us variable time while preparing the assignment, whenever we needed.

We also want to give thanks to all of them, who have give lot of variable suggestion and moral support to us.

Group 1

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1: Background of the Study 1.2: Rational of the Study 1.3: Objective of the Study 1.4: Scope of the Study 1.5: Limitations of the Study

Chapter 2: Organizational Part 2.1: Unilever Bangladesh Limited at a glance Chapter 3: Literature Review

Chapter 4: Recruitment in Unilever Bangladesh Limited 4.1: Recruiters qualification 4.2: Recruitment- Constrains and challenges

Chapter 5: Selection process in Unilever Bangladesh Limited 5.1: Reception of application
5.3: Employment test 5.4: Assessing candidate through interview 5.5: Cognitive ability test 5.6: Physical ability test 5.7: Work samples 5.8: Hiring decision

Chapter 6: Analysis and Findings 6.1: The types of recruitment in Unilever Bangladesh Limited 6.2: The types of selection in Unilever Bangladesh Limited 6.3: The frequency of recruitment by Unilever Bangladesh Limited 6.4: Responses from the students (Institution) regarding MNC

Chapter 7: Recommendation and Conclusion 7.1: Recommendation 7.2: Conclusion

Executive Summary

Unilever Limited is one of largest multinational business firm in the world. Over the last four decades, Unilever Bangladesh has been constantly bringing new and world-class products for the Bangladeshi people to remove the daily drudgery of life. Over 90% of the country’s households use one or more of our products. It provides sixteen verities brands and try to mitigate all types of human demand by introducing with new innovative products. Unilever Operations in Bangladesh provide employment to over 10,000 people directly and through its dedicated suppliers, distributors and service providers. 99.5% of UBL employees are locals and they have equal number of Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever companies as expatriates. Unilever wants to attract the best graduates to join in their leadership actions. This report enlightens what type of recruitment opportunities offered by Unilever Bangladesh Limited for university students and how the students can access that opportunity. Unilever look for passionate people who want to do real business and have the potential to be highly motivated by brands, and are enthusiastic, creative and rigorous. They want people who are hungry for success and can work confidently in teams.


1.1: Background of the Study

Successful human resource department makes it possible for the organization to acquire the number and types of people necessary to ensure the continued operation of the organization by the recruitment and selection process. So it acts an important role in HR department. As a part of BBA program, our Human Resource Management course teacher Ethica Tanzeen assigned us to prepare a report on HRM process and practice process in a multinational organization as related topic on Human Resource Management course. We have selected our report topic as “Recruitment and Selection process in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.”. We have made a survey for required information in Unilever official site in net. We have prepared our report on August 02, 2011 which will be submitted by August 04, 2011.

1.2 Rational of the study

We are 3rd year 1st semester students. After one and half year, we will be going to job market and competing with other universities’ graduates for getting a suitable job. For getting an expected job, we need to concern about job market condition from today. Going to prepare recruitment and selection process in Unilever Bangladesh as a Human Resource Management course, we acquire required knowledge about Unilever Bangladesh’s recruiting and selection process that help us to perceive a common picture about recruiting and selection process in all multination company in Bangladesh. We can identify our lacks; prepare ourselves for future job market. So, we have the same opinion that this fruitful report not only assure reasonable grade mark in our curriculum result but also assure well-done feedback for near future job market.

1.3: Objective of the Study
We have prepared this report based on two purposes. Those are-

1.3.1 Primary Objective:
The report aims to provide information on the procedures of Recruitment and selection techniques followed by the UBL through HR department.

1.3.2 Secondary Objective:

a) Unilever is one of the world greatest consumer goods companies.
The report is strongly informed with how this multi-local multi-national company conducts the aptitude ands psychometric for a candidate and how it helps them to get objective, reliable and relevant information on candidates.

b) Unilever always try to add variety in life. At Unilever they have created an environment where people with energy, creativity and commitment work together to fulfill ambitious goals. This report helps us to know how the selection process of a candidate leads him to become leader.

1.4: Scope of the Study

There is a certain boundary to cover this report. Our particular report only covers recruitment and selection process in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. We mainly focus on entry level recruitment and selection process in Unilever Bangladesh. And we also cover executive and higher-level employs’ recruitment and selection process. We collecting data and some valuable information by internet from Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. Official web-site.

1.5: Limitations of the Study

We are lucky enough to get a chance to prepare a report on “Recruitment and Selection process in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.” We tried heart & soul to prepare a well-informed report. But unfortunately we faced some difficulties when preparing this report. We tried to overcome the difficulties. In spite of trying our level best, some difficulties that hamper our schedule report work: 1.5.1 Shortage of time:

Within a short time, we need to prepare some other courses’ reports for in this session. For this reason, we could not get a fluent time schedule for the report. 1.5.2 Limitation of related with the organization:

The employees of Unilever Bangladesh Limited were too busy of there work. For this, they did not sufficient time to fulfill our queries and some of them neglected us to support. 1.5.3 Difficulty in collecting data:

Many employers of the organization were not well known about all information that we asked them. Many of them also hesitated to answer the questions. These things hampered the information collection.


2. Unilever Bangladesh Limited
Unilever (Euronext: UNA, LSE: ULVR) is an Anglo–Dutch multinational consumer goods company. Its products include foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. It is the world's third-largest consumer goods company measured by 2011 revenues (after Procter & Gamble and Nestlé) and the world's largest manufacturer of ice cream. One of the oldest multinational companies, it currently has operations in over 100 countries.
Unilever owns over 400 brands, with 25 of its largest brands accounting for over 70% of total sales. Its largest selling brands include Aviance, Axe/Lynx, Ben & Jerry's, Dove, Flora/Becel, Heartbrand, Hellmann's, Knorr, Lipton, Lux/Radox, Omo/Surf, Rexona/Sure, Sunsilk, Toni & Guy, TRESemmé, VO5, Wall's and PG Tips. It is a dual-listed company consisting of Unilever N.V., based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Unilever PLC, based in London, United Kingdom. Both companies have the same directors and they operate as a single business. Unilever is organised into three main global divisions - Foods, Home Care, and Personal Care. It has research and development facilities in the United Kingdom (2), the Netherlands, China, India and the United States.
Unilever was founded in 1930 by the merger of the British soapmaker Lever Brothers (founded in 1885 by William Hesketh Lever) and the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie. During the second half of the 20th century the company increasingly diversified from being a maker of products made of oils and fats, and expanded its operations worldwide. It has made numerous corporate acquisitions, including of Chesebrough-Ponds (in 1987); Best Foods, Ben & Jerry's and Slim Fast (in 2000); and Alberto-Culver (in 2010). Unilever sold its speciality chemicals businesses National Starch & Chemical, Quest, Unichema and Crosfield to Imperial Chemical Industries in 1997.
Unilever PLC has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It had a market capitalisation of £27.3 billion as of 23 December 2011, the 18th-largest of any company with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange. Unilever N.V. has a primary listing on Euronext Amsterdam and is a constituent of the AEX index. Both Unilever PLC and Unilever N.V. have secondary listings on the New York Stock Exchange. Unilever has received criticism from environmental groups for causing deforestation through its purchases of Indonesian palm oil.

2.1: Unilever Bangladesh Limited at a glance

Dual-listed (Naamloze vennootschap/
Public limited company)

Traded as
Euronext: UNA, LSE: ULVR, NYSE: UN and NYSE: UL

Industry Consumer goods

Predecessor(s) Lever Brothers
Margarine Unie

Founded 1930 (by merger)
Founder(s) Antonius Johannes Jurgens, Samuel van den Bergh and William Hulme Lever, 2nd Viscount Leverhulme

Headquarters Unilever House,
London, United Kingdom
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Area served Worldwide
Key people Michael Treschow
Paul Polman
Products Foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products

Revenue €51.32 billion (2012)[1]

Operating income
€6.989 billion (2012)[1]

Net income
€4.480 billion (2012)[1]

Total assets
€46.16 billion (2012)[1]

Total equity
€15.15 billion (2012)[1]

Employees 173,000 (2013)[2]

Hindustan Unilever
Unilever Australasia
Unilever Pakistan


2.2 Operations
Home and Personal Care, Foods

2.3 Constitution:

Market Share of Unilever & Bangladesh Government:

39% market share of Unilever 61% market share of Bangladesh Government .

2.4 Product categories

Household Care

Fabric Cleaning
Skin Cleansing
Skin Care
Oral Care
Hair Care
Personal Grooming
Tea based Beverages

2.5 Unilever brands
• Wheel
• Lux
• Lifebuoy
• Fair & Lovely
• Pond's
• Close Up
• Sunsilk
• Lipton Taaza
• Pepsodent
• Clear
• Vim
• Surf Excel
• Rexona
• Dove
• Vaseline
• Lakme


3.1 Definition of recruitment Recruiting is the process of finding & attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought & ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected.

According to Robins, “The ideal recruitment effort will attract a large no of qualified applicants who will take the job if it is offered. A good recruiting program should attract the qualified & not attract the unqualified. This dual objective will minimize the cost of processing unqualified candidates”.

So recruiting is a process of discovering potential candidates for the actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. Or from another perspective, it is a linking activity-bringing together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs.

3.2 Factors Influencing Recruiting Effort
Although every organization engages in recruiting activity some do so to a much larger extent than others.

a. Size:
Large organization with huge manpower will recruit much more than smaller

b. Employment condition: In the community where the organization is located will influence how much recruiting takes place.

c. Working condition, salary & benefit package:
These influence need for turnover, therefore the future recruiting of the organizations.

3.2 Possible Constraints on Recruiting Process
The pool of qualified applicants may not have included the ‘best’ candidate or the ‘best’ candidate may not want to be employed by the organization. There are five possible constraints which limit the manager’s freedom to recruit.

a. The image of the organization:

If the image perceived to be low, then the likelihood of attracting a large number of applicants is reduced. Then the image of the organization, there for, should be considered a potential constraint.

b. Attractiveness of job:

If the job is unattractive, recruiting a large & qualified pool of applicants will be difficult for e.g. position for p.s. since these jobs traditionally appealed to females & woman have a wider selection of job opportunities. It has resulted in a severe shortage of secretarial jobs.

c. Internal organizational policies:

Internal organizational policies, such as “Promote from within wherever possible” will give priority to individuals inside the organization. Such a policy will ensure that all positions except entry level positions will be filled from within the ranks. Although this is promising once one is hired, it may reduce the number of applicants.

d. Union requirements:

Union requirements also restrict recruiting sources. Union determines who can apply & who has the priority in selection. It restricts management’s freedom to select the best employees.

e. Government’s Influence:

The Governments influence in the recruiting process should not be overlooked. An employer can no longer seek out preferred individuals based on non-job-related factors such as physical appearance, sex or religion background. Government may impose restrictions on these matters.

3.3 Recruiting Sources Recruiting is more likely to achieve its objectives if recruiting sources reflect the type of the position to be filled. Certain recruiting sources are more effective than others for filling certain types of jobs. Mainly the sources can be divided into two ways. They are discussed below:

3.3.1 Internal sources
Many large organizations will attempt to develop their own employees for positions beyond the lowest level. Now some internal sources are discussed below:

a. Job posting:

Posting notice of job openings on company bulletins boards is an effective internal recruiting method. It informs employees about openings & required qualifications & invites qualified employees to apply.

b. Departing employees:
Departing employees are those who leave the organization because they can no longer work the traditional forty-hour workweek, child care needs, education or others are the common reasons.

3.3.2 External sources In addition to looking internally for candidates, it is customary for organizations to open up recruiting efforts to the external community. These efforts are discussed below:

a. Advertisement:

When an organization wishes to communicate to the public that it has a vacancy advertisement in one of the popular method used. Want ad describes the job, the benefits and tells those who are interested how to apply.

b. Employee referrals/recommendations:

Recommendation from a current employee. An employee will recommended if he believe the individual can perform adequately. Employee referrals also may have acquired more accurate information about their potential jobs.

d. Temporary helps Service:

These types of different organization can be a source of employees when individuals are needed on a temporary basis. Temporary employees are particularly valuable in meeting short-term fluctuations in HRM needs.

e. Schools colleges & universities:

Whatever the educational level required for the job involves a high-school diploma, specific vocational training, or a collage background with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, educational institutions are an excellent source of potential employees.

f. Professional organizations:
It includes labor unions; operate placement services for the benefit of their members. The
Professional organizations include such varied occupations as industrial engineering, psychology, accounting, legal, & academics.

3.4 Selection
Selection is the process of select the best candidates for the job by using various tools and techniques.

According to R.M. Hodgetts, “Selection is the process in which an enterprise chooses the applicants who best meet the criteria for the available position.”

So we can conclude that, it is the process in which candidates for employment are divided into two classes; those who are to be offered employment and those who are not.

3.5 Testing guideline

Some basic testing guidelines are followed in selection process which are:
a) Use tests as supplements
b) Validate the tests for appropriate jobs
c) Analyze all current hiring and promotion standards
d) Beware of certain tests
e) Use a certified psychologist
f) Maintain good test conditions

3.6 Definition of interview Interviewing candidate is a potential screening tool that gives an opportunity to make judgment on the candidates’ enthusiasm & intelligence & to access subjective aspects of the candidates’ facial expression, appearance, nervousness & so forth & to predict future job performance on the basis of the obtained information. Interview gives you a chance to size up the candidate personally and to pursue questioning in a way that test cannot.

3.8 Types of Interview Interviews can be classified according to structured interview and unstructured interview.
a) Structured interview:

It is known as directive interview. It is an interview following a set of question & response are specified in advance.

b) Unstructured interview:

It is known as non-directive interview. It is an unstructured conversational- style interview. Question is asked as they come to mind. It allows the interviewer to ask follow-up questions, based on the candidate’s last statement.


4.1: Recruiters qualification
Recruiting is the process of finding & attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruits are required & ends when their applications are submitted. The result is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected.

Manager becomes involves in this process. However in large organization, like the Unilevers Bangladesh specialists are often used to find & attract capable analyst they are called recruiters.

First, Unilever is such a big organization that requires huge man power every year for its always boosting operations in various level and arena. However for common business operations they need

Three type of manpower
1. Fresh graduates as knowledge worker,
2. Specialist experienced people for special purpose
3. People for Skilled and labor based events

So in our discussion we will focus on all the three types.

Fresh graduates as knowledge worker

Commonly we discuss and learn major about this level recruitment and selection. The fresh graduates’ recruitment is in fact the main and major recruitment event for Unilever.
From across the country they get people for their recruitment. The universities in the country provide the people to be knowledge worker in big organizations like unilever and such. For this they highly suit the business graduates Passed from reputed business school or institutes both from country and from abroad.

The discussion is now designed as to the following four terms:
1. Personnel planning and vacancy announcement
2. Nature of Application form
3. Recruiters qualification
4. channels of recruitment
5. Recruitment- Constraints and challenges
4.1.1 Personnel planning and vacancy announcement

Human Resource department headed by The HRM, receives data about need of personnel, the vacancy information is then analyzed by HRM in collaboration with the finance department with financial feasibility of the recruitment. After judging the feasibility the approved number of vacancies is informed to the job market through strong mass media. As means of media they use

• The internet,
• Online based job portals
• English and bangla news paper
• On campus recruitment
• From Intern inventory.

4.1.2 Recruiters’ qualification

Recruitment qualification for entry-level employees:

• You must be graduated within less than three years, or will graduate within the next 12 months form a reputable university.
• You must be within 28 years of age.
Recruitment qualification for labor based task:
• You must physically fit and skilled in the particular task.

4.2: Methods of recruitment

4.2.1 Recruitment channel

Normally we know about two types of recruitment channel those are
1. External recruitment channel
2. Internal recruitment channel

1. External recruitment channel

When job openings cannot be filled internally, the HR department must look outside the organization and basically for UBL, recruitment of fresh graduates is done through this means. There are 8 ways for external recruitment in the UBL, which occurs in direct or indirectly for various level of recruitment. Those are-

1. Employee referrals
2. Advertising
3. Educational institutions & Professional associates
4. International recruitment

2. Employee referrals

For lower level workers, Unilever follow the employee referrals procedures. This is the procedures when existing employees refer one new and the new is considered to be further judgment.

3. Advertising

UBL next to employee referrals in fact for fresh graduates majorly follow the advertisement procedure for recruiting purposes. They advertise in the reputed English and Bengali National papers. They also use the internet for online application.

5. Educational institutions & Professional associates
More over the organization takes its manpower from the universities and educational institutions across the country. The nationwide universities and its important institutes provide the potential graduates as the employee of the organization.

From discussion with HRM it was known that their preferred institutions range from IBA, BUET, DU, KU, Brac U, NSU, AIUB, JU, to Chittagong University and such.

6. International recruitment Sometimes, especially in importance of cases international recruitment occurs in ULB.
However such rare events happen if the candidate stays in abroad or are working in international company on foreign land.

4.2.1 Internal recruitment channel

Current employees are a major source of recruits for all but entry- level positions of unilever Bangladesh ltd.. Whether for promotions or for lateral job transfers, internal candidates already –know the already informal organization and have detail information about its formal policies. In fact for unilever this short of recruitment is occurred only with especial purpose experienced employee recruitment.

4.4 Recruitment : constraints and challenges

Recruiters face such common constraints which are:

a. Biasness:

Most of the time, the organization’s employers try to appointment their relatives, familiar person.

b. Competition of talent

There is a lack of vast talent people in Bangladesh for the special task. The potential job applicants most of the time can’t meet up Unilever requirement. Few talent guys who has already appointed with other multinational company

d. Job requirement

People with greater experience usually require a higher level of job. In our country, there are vast population but they are not so skilled in working with hard labor. They feel comfort flexible job like government job. So Unilever Bangladesh can’t fulfill their requirement in all time.


Selection is the process of select the best candidates for the job by using various tools and techniques. In our country, recruitment and selection process work simultaneously. Those are joined term as employment function of the organization and this employment function is stated here for Unilever’s practices.

5.1: Reception of application

After accomplishing the recruitment process, Unilever go to the selection process where they start the process with the reception of application form filled up through internet online form. After scrutinizing the data, they select applications for written test.

5.2: Employment test

This written test measures the candidates
1. Analytical ability
2. Computation ability
3. Verbal skill
4. Written skill
5. General knowledge
More above 65% marks ensures applicants pass.

5.3: Assessing candidate through interview

Mainly three steps are followed in the selection procedure. In the first stage the candidates are invited for a viva with sales and training manager, Dhaka in his Gulsan office.A human resource manager also exist there. In this viva the candidates situation handle ability is measured.

Second phase: It is the viva with the general sales and operation manager ( GOSM), and trade marketing manager .in this stage individual skill is measured. The question tries to measure out the fitness of the candidate for the post.

Third phase:

In this stage the applicant face the HRD customer development team (CDT) this phase measure the applicability of the applicants’ potential for the jobs. In these stage why the applicant prefers the Unilever and why it would like to join the expected team.

5.4: Physical ability test

The physical test is administered by Apollo Hospital Dhaka to measure the HIV, Hepatitis B, C or such many diseases in its applicant’s health and fitness for job effort.

5.5: Work samples
For some technical jobs Unilever follows the work sample test on particular employee like the one of Finance and IT.

5.6: Hiring decision
Finally the every step success ensures an applicant join in the Unilever family.


7.1 Recommendation

After going through the report we draw some recommendations which are:

i. We have to suggest Unilever Bangladesh to arrange “on campus” recruitment. In our survey we get a common scenario that “on campus” recruitment process motivates the student to enthusiastic, creative and rigorous. Students try to show extra ordinary performance and perform their innovative ideas. innovative. They come with new idea and work hear and soul to accomplish their task. ii. ii. Unilever entry-form is so complicated and some information which is asked for apply is not available all time. Our recommendation to minimize the entry-form and make it easy presentation for all potential applicants.

7.2 Conclusion

The report has attempted to point out recruitment and selection process in Unilever
Bangladesh. We can get little information about recruitment and selection process in Unilever Bangladesh. We also take support by some secondary reports as well as internet and Unilever report publication.


6.1: The types of recruitment in Unilever Bangladesh Limited Unilever follow three type of recruitment process, which are:
• Fresh graduates as knowledge worker,
• Specialist experienced people for special purpose
• People for Skilled and labor based events

6.2: The types of selection in Unilever Bangladesh Limited Unilever follow some selection evaluation test to select the best candidate, which are:
• Employment test
• Assessing candidate through interview…...

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...GRAMEENPHONE LIMITED   BRAC Business School BRAC University 66, Mohakhali,Dhaka       Submitted To     Mahmudul Haq  Assistant Professor  BRAC Business School BRAC University             Submitted By    Md. Harun-Or-Rashid Student of BBA BBS Department ID: 08304114 Date of Submission: 25th September 2010 Letter of Transmittal Date: 25th September 2010  To  Mahmudul Haq  Assistant Professor  BRAC Business School  BRAC University   66, Mohakhali,Dhaka  Subject: Submission of Internship Report on “Customer satisfaction of GrameenPhone”  Dear Sir, With due respect, I am submitting my Internship Report on the topic titled “Customer Satisfaction  of GrameenPhone” as a partial fulfillment of my BBA Program.  It’s  my  pleasure  to  inform  you  that  I  have  already  finished  my  internship  in  a  reputed  organization  in  Grameenphone  Ltd.It  was  undoubtedly  an  interesting  opportunity  for  me  to  work on this assigned topic to enhance my knowledge in the practical field. I would like to give  you  thank  for  giving  me  the  opportunity  to  do  the  study.  This  report  explores  the  level  of  satisfaction of the existing customers of GrameenPhone Limited. An internship report has been  prepared  based  on  the  practical  experiences  and  different  ideas  obtained  during  working  GrameenPhone  Call  Center.  This  report  explores  the  level  of  satisfaction  of  the  existing ......

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Recruitment and Selection Process

...Recruitment and Selection Process Paper Charles McIntyre CJA/214 August 16,2014 Marco Faggione The Recruitment and Selection Process of the SWAT Team Introduction The purpose of this paper is to help you to understand the recruitment and selection process of the SWAT Team in which Special weapons and tactics ( SWAT) teams are comprised of volunteers from within the police force who have advanced rescue, firearms, and medical response skills. This paper will also, include the salary of the SWAT team as well as the requirements and training. If you are interested in becoming a SWAT team member, you must meet experience requirements and undergo specialized training. Training Requirements To become a SWAT team member, you must be a police officer and possess full knowledge of police policies and procedures. You must also be in excellent physical shape and demonstrate advanced firearms proficiency. SWAT teams generally respond to high risk situations and members may work in a specialized position such as sniper, crisis negotiator, grenadier, or tactical emergency medical responder. The first step to becoming a SWAT team member is to join the police force and complete police academy training. Training usually lasts between 12-14 weeks. You can expect to complete courses in state and federal law, local ordinances, civil rights, accident investigation, traffic control, firearms, emergency response, self-defense, and patrol. Additional Experience Police departments......

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Randstad: Recruitment and the Selection Process

...Randstad: Recruitment and the Selection Process Randstad: Recruitment and the Selection Process Randstad Holding is a global provider of HR services and the second-largest staffing organization in the world. Randstad was founded in Amsterdam over 50 years ago in 1960 by Frits Goldschmeding. The company represents more than 90 percent of the global HR services market. In July of 2008, Randstad acquired the human resources company Vedior. The acquisition of Vedior has made Randstad the second largest human resource services provider in the world. The company mission is “to be a world leader in matching demand for and supply of labor and human resource services.” [ (Randstad US, 2012) ] The Randstad Group holds top positions in multiple key markets such as Argentina, Belgium & Luxembourg, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. They also hold major positions in Australia and the United States.  Randstad Holding has 28,700 corporate employees working from 4,711 different branches, and is employing over 576,000 people every day. Randstad Holding nv is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands, The Randstad Holding organization is a $22.5 billion, global Fortune 500 Company, with operations in 40 different countries providing professional employment solutions and services. Some of the solutions provided include: temporary staff, temporary to hire, direct hire and......

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Reqruitement and Selection Process in Uniliver Bangladesh Ltd

...Recruitment and Selection Process in Unilever Bangladesh LTD Executive Summary Unilever Limited is one of the largest multinational business firm in the world. Over the last four decades, Unilever Bangladesh has been constantly bringing new and world-class products for the Bangladeshi people to remove the daily drudgery of life. Over 90% of the country’s households use one or more of our products. It provides sixteen verities brands and try to mitigate all types of human demand by introducing with new innovative products. Unilever Operations in Bangladesh Provide employment to over 10,000 people directly and through its dedicated suppliers, distributors and service providers. 99.5% of UBL employees are locals and they have equal number of Bangladeshis working abroad in other Unilever companies as expatriates. Unilever wants to attract the best graduates to join in their leadership actions. This report enlightens what type of recruitment opportunities offered by Unilever Bangladesh Limited for university students and how the students can access that opportunity. Unilever look for passionate people who want to do real business and have the potential to be highly motivated by brands, and are enthusiastic, creative and rigorous. They want people who are hungry for success and can work confidently in teams. Unilever create an environment where people with energy, creativity and Commitment work together to fulfill ambitious goals. In addition, they all work to the highest......

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Recruitment and Selection Process

...Business and Management Vol. 1, No. 2, 2012, 70-75 The Recruitment and Selection Process of Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh: A Case on GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited Laila Zaman* East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Bangladesh Limited, a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline plc is world's one of the leading research-based pharmaceutical companies that commits to improve the quality of human life with an immense status and brand image all through Bangladesh over last 60 years. It is the human resource who has maximized the success of the company. Recruitment and selection practices are the key factors to the entry point of human resources which ensures the success and growth of an organization. In this study the detail chain and sequence of activities pertaining to recruitment and selection of different level of management and non-management employable candidates has identified through interviewing the HR employees of GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited. Findings show that the case study organization is doing a very good practice in recruitment and selection process that could help many other employers in Bangladesh and around the world to get suitable candidate and also helpful for researcher to do more research on recruitment and selection process. Keywords: GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh Limited, recruitment and selection, pharmaceutical companies Introduction GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Bangladesh Limited, a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline plc is world's......

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Recruitment and Selection Process

...Nottingham Business School <Module code> Assignment Module leader: <leader’s name> Recruitment and selection issues in POG Azerbaijan Student ID: N0611211 Nottingham Word Count: 145 January 2015 Recruitment and selection is a key business function for attracting and selecting the best individuals to an organization. Its importance has significantly raised during the last decades of globalization. Nowadays, companies are conducting business on an international level, taking advantages of the loosened regulations, modern technologies and infrastructure. Multinational companies play important role in this global business atmosphere as they use a worldwide approach to markets and production. One such company is Premium Oil and Gas, a Dutch holding company, employing over 80,000 staff in 80 countries, best known to the public through its 25,000 service stations. One of its business units, POG Azerbaijan has been involved in oil and gas exploration of Caspian Sea for ten years, but has only recently begun actual production. The company has experienced difficulties implementing its corporate culture in the host country environment, resulting in various issues for its Human Resource policy – recruitment and selection, corporate culture, learning and development. The challenge discussed within the boundaries of this essay are recruitment and selection of staff for the needs of Premium Oil and Gas Azerbaijan. The main reason is that in order......

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Recruitment and Selection Process of Airtel Bangladesh Limited: an Evaluation

...Recruitment and Selection process of Airtel Bangladesh Limited: An Evaluation CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This report is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of the Internship program of the Evening MBA program of the Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka. Similar to any other university or business school after completion of the MBA program (academic courses) every student must have to complete the internship program as a required course for the degree of MBA. The main purpose of the program is to know the real life situation. The topic of my report is “Recruitment and Selection Process on Airtel Bangladesh Limited: An Evaluation”. In the age of globalization and the modernization mobile phone has become a more important item to stay connected to their nearest and dearest ones. Not more than ten years before, people could not imagine about mobile phone which was considered to be luxury phone. But now people cannot think without the mobile phone and considered to be a necessary item. There are in total six telecommunication operators operating throughout Bangladesh. The six telecommunication operators are- Grameenphone Ltd, Airtel Bangladesh Ltd, Robi Axiata Ltd, Banglalink, Teletalk and City Cell. In Bangladesh, Airtel Bangladesh Limited is one of the fastest growing mobile service providers and is a concern of Bharti Airtel Limited, a leading global telecommunications service provider. The company offers a......

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Report for a Recruitment Selection Process

...| REPORT FOR A RECRUITMENT SELECTION PROCESS | | | | | You have been asked by Johnsons Care Company to recruit a new Administrative Assistant for them. Write a report for a recruitment selection process that could be used to select this person | The purpose of this report is to understand the effective recruitment selection process from Johnson Company in recruiting the suitable candidate of Administrative Assistance in their organizations. Recruitment selection process is a procedure of engaging individual suitable qualifications with abilities to apply for a position in an organizations. We will look into the KSAOs model as an assessment of recruitment selection process for the position of Administrative Assistance in Johnson Company. KSAOs are the model that consist in Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other characteristics that a basic applicant must possess in order to perform and excel successfully in the position. Moreover, KSAOs typically divided into two major categories which consist of technical and behavioral. From technical perspective, KSAOs measure attributes knowledge and “hard” technical skills, like the basic administrative and management in the warehouse for an administrative assistance position in this instance. Behavioral KSAOs measure “soft” skills which consist of the attitudes and approaches that applicants applied in the work strategy, such as the ability to collaborate and communicate on wide level of range with the......

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Recruitment & Selection Process of Mutual Trust Bank Limited Bangladesh, the banking system as a whole has a vital role to play in the progress of economic development. The number of local commercial banks and foreign banks is increasing day by day. This rapid expansion of the financial market has created immense competition among the existing local and foreign banks. The core business of a bank is providing various services (collecting deposits, lending money, foreign exchange services etc.) directly to the customers. All the banks are now very much concern for providing better services to survive in the competitive environment. In this report I will explore how effectively MTBL is providing the Recruitment & Selection Process. In this report, I will identify Employer’s expectations about Mutual Trust Banks’ services and the services they actually receive from the bank. I will also find out whether there is any service gap and will recommend for minimizing the gap to enhance its service quality. I believe this report will be helpful for me to gain practical knowledge “Recruitment & Selection Process”operations as it has a great contribution in the growth of our economy. 1.2 Rational of the Study I am proposing this topic because; the information on employee Recruitment & Selection process of MTBL is accessible for me from the Branch and corporate offices. And as a HR internship student I need to work on such a topic which is directly related with my subject of study, so I have chosen Recruitment & Selection......

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Recruitment and Selection Process of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited.

...purpose of report is to focus on the recruitment and selection process that will enhance our skill and broaden our area of knowledge about the interesting world of human resource and management. Recruitment and selection process is such type of task that is based more on projections and creativity and it involves lot of effort to be successful. By making this report we will be able to reach to the in-depth of recruitment that will help to identify our lacking of job analysis and this will be helpful for our future career. This term paper being made as the requirement of the course human resource Management objectives. 1.2- Limitations We are really grateful to our course instructor Ethica Tanjeen as for her that we have got the opportunity to do such analytical task. Through making this term paper; we will be able to gain the practical knowledge. It will help us to improve our communication and analytical skill that will benefit us in future. As we are just studying in BBA so we have some lack of knowledge to do such task efficiently and effectively and there must be some mistakes in this report. But through doing such analytical job we can overcome our lacking. Chapter 2 Theoretical Frame Work 2.1- Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and selection are two of the most important functions of personnel management. Recruitment precedes selection and helps in selecting a right candidate. Recruitment is a process to discover the sources of......

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Recruitment & Selection of 5 Different Foreign Organizations Operating in Bangladesh

...SUMMERY Recruitment and selection is a customized process of each individual organization. As business process differs from organization to organization, different organization fill up different types of employee needs. So the process to build the employee pool and finally making the best choice from candidates differs a lot. The report is presenting a portfolio of five different types of organizations, which manifest the customized process suitable for each organization. For example: British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) do not take written test, but Damco take written test for different levels of candidates. According to Shahriar Mahmood of Reckitt Benckiser (RB) ‘there is nothing called first impression in HR’ but in Standard Chartered Bank (SCB); as it is a financial institution, it has to choose employee who are presentable, so first impression is very important at interview. Damco out source much of their root level job but British American Tobacco (BAT), Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Unilever, and Reckitt Benckiser (RB) do not out-source job, on the other hand; SCB take many of their employees on contract based. So recruitment and selection follow the required business process of different organizations. In this report we have presented our collected data from both primary and secondary sources, and analyzed them to present the information in a flow, that can clarify the individual characteristic of different organizations and as well as their recruitment and......

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