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Recruiting the Qualified Candidate

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Recruiting Qualified Candidates

Tammy Miller

Sullivan University

HRL 621


Recruiting is the most important and crucial role of any human resource professional today including staffing agencies. Staffing and recruiting good qualified candidates is getting tougher and tougher these days. When I spoke with Mrs. Sinkhorn with Nesco Resource, she stated that finding good employees is one of their biggest issues these days. Employees working for staffing agencies are in a unique position compared to clients they work for. This is due to they can work this client of the staffing agency and if they do not like the job or have an issue they have choices such as asking the agency to fine them something else. I have researched some recruiting options that I think would help assist Nesco in their recruiting process. Recruitment

What is recruiting or recruitment?
It is the act of getting of recruits (employees). Recruiting good qualified talent is a challenge. It also described the process that a company uses to find the qualified candidate to fill the positions within their company. Even with today’s recession, it is difficult to fill certain types of jobs which make the jobs of the recruiters extremely hard.

Human Resources are always a challenge because of the job itself due to having to deal with human beings. People are not predictable and finding that right person for the first job at the right time is not exactly science. This makes recruitment much more interesting treadmill. You find out that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. With staffing agencies, I know that we find out that it does not work out way more than we like. It feels like sometimes it is never ending and seems like we can not get ahead at times which is part of the process.

Recruiting Strategy & Process…...

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