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Notes on “The Faraway Nearby” by Rebecca Solnit

In the short story; “The Faraway Nearby” by Rebecca Solnit, three words that were unfamiliar to me are; appurtenance, aplomb and presupposition.
According to Wikipedia Online, appurtenance is an accessory or item that is associated with a particular style of living.
Aplomb is defined as self- confidence or poise.
The word presupposition means to make an assumption before an argument or action.
The Rapanui/ Easter Island was unfamiliar to me. I partentky nfamiliar to me. Appartentky argument or action. now know it is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.
Rebecca Solnit wrote of Simon Weil and Aung San Sui Kyi whom were both unknown to me. Simon Weil was apparently a French philosopher, Aung San Sui Kyi is a Burmese opposition politician.
One metaphor used in the story is; “… the bird was a Taoist master.” This shows a comparison between the bird from The Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon and the Taoist masters in Chinese stories, pointing out that they share similar immortal characteristics.
Another metaphor used is “… the place where the world is folded up into boxes of paper.” This is comparing the realistic events that occur in the world to the books in the library and the experience you get from reading them.
Solnit illustrates her ideas by alluding to books she read as a child such as “The Chronicles of Narnia”. She points out the use of fiction and personification in this book and summarizes the story of how the characters travel to an imaginative world and suggests it is an allegory of the real world.
Her point is also illustrated by referring to a letter from a friend which provides a detailed geographic and social description of the Rapanui and its inhabitants. Through this reference she show how the story of the inhabitants and their practices still provoked thought and questions in the present time, and how just like the birdman cult, writers could construct stories to convey any belief or idea they choose to the reader, and the reader can gain access to a lot of knowledge by relying on what the writer presents in their literature.…...

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