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Reasons Why a Person Might Consider Data

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Reasons why a person might consider data or information to lack validity, credibility, or reliability depends on what type of data it is. One reason would be what method was used to collect the information. Is the data accurately represented to what it is claiming? An example would be if 400 people were surveyed on a college campus about alcohol use. How would a person know if those 400 people are representative of the college itself? Are these people in an equal proportion to the social economic status, age, race, academic interest, religion, and employment to the entire college campus? This is not likely. Also, a person should look precisely at the questions that have been asked and the questions that have not been asked. A person might have a problem if you ask people if they are drinking and driving and not asking if they have a driver’s license or not. Also, look at who has done the collecting of the data or information. Does this person have a lot of interest to the outcome to the data that has been collected? An example would be a person collecting data on a project that they have little interest in. By not having much interest in the project they are not going to put much effort behind finding the best data that is validated, credible, and reliable. Does this person also have the training and education need to interpret the data that they have collected? If a person doesn’t have the right training or education then they might not know how to put the data they have gather together and might not do extra research to make sure the data they have is…...

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