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Reasons Leading to a Terrorist Behavior

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Reasons Leading to a Terrorist Behaviour

Name: Stefan Karagiozov
Instructor: Terry Roswell
Course: CRIM102
November 24th ,2015

In their article “ Modern Gangsters and the Patriot Act”, Gregory P. Orvis and Jeffery P. Rush’s thesis is focused on demonstrating how certain street gangs that have been affiliated in criminal behaviour are also involved in terrorist activity, and how some criminals convert to a terrorist behaviour while they are doing their sentence in prison. They also put their focus on the effectiveness of the Patriotic Act and how this Act has helped to capture terrorists over a certain period of years. To this end, the authors’ analysis is dichotic, focusing on the pros and cons of the Patriotic Act and the potential danger to the rights of privacy of American citizens, and the association of the American gangs with terroristic activity. Yet ,Orvis and Rush’s analysis insufficiently addresses the complex psychological traits that are a key factor in the developing of the criminal mind in gang members and later on the conversion of these criminals to a terrorist- like behaviour. For instance , their discussion about the arrest of the Chicago street gang, El Rukn, fails to addresses the development of this criminal thinking and behaviour that led to their affiliation with terrorist activity, which is grounded deep in themselves .Moreover, the authors scratch only the surface of these individuals’ minds , and don’t go in depth of what psychological factors may have contributed to the state they are in. In a nut shell; how does the mind of an ordinary American gang banger convert into a terrorist- like mind? The convergence of a regular gang member behaviour to a terrorist behaviour is influenced by certain trait theories that theorists have concluded over the years.

The first…...

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