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Presidential Decree No.1125 & 1569

Presidential Decrees were an innovation made by President Ferdinand E. Marcos with the proclamation of Martial Law. They served to arrogate unto the Chief Executive the lawmaking powers of Congress. Only President Marcos issued Presidential Decrees. In the Freedom Constitution of 1986, President Corazon C. Aquino recognized the validity of existing Presidential Decrees unless otherwise repealed. Presidential Decree 1125 was enacted to grant Muslim returnees who have successfully completed the Leadership Training Program for the development of Mindanao which aims to harness their capabilities for the development effort of the government. Upon completion of the said program they are hereby conferred Sub-professional Civil Service Eligibility which qualifies them for appointment to first level positions in the Civil Service. It also enables them to be integrated in the political mainstream to hasten national development. Presidential Decree 1569 was enacted to strengthen the Barangay Nutrition Program by providing the Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) is a barangay-based volunteer worker who delivers basic nutrition and related health services, and links communities with nutrition and related service providers. . The Barangay Nutrition Program is being implemented to address the malnutrition problem that afflicts the…...

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