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Good piece of written work is a joy to read. While the author gets most of the credit, the copy reader remains the unsung hero. Copy readers or copy editors read manuscripts that authors submit evaluate them for quality of content and suggest changes to enhance their audience appeal. Besides being good at reading comprehension and written communication, copy readers also need other qualities to ensure that a piece of work creates the desired impact on readers.

Visualization Potential
• Copy readers require the ability to quickly scan a piece of work and visualize the pattern it conveys through the words, design and layout.
- They use their imagination and creativeness when they have seen or scanned a piece of work. They can easily picture what the written word means.

Attention to Detail
• Copy readers read and check copy for quality of content, readability, audience appeal and errors in syntax and spelling. They also check details of the information in the copy against standard references.
- I think those are their ability to work in a methodical and meticulous manner, paying attention to minor details.

Broad Perspective
• To recognize the worth of a piece of work, copy readers need to consider things from their audience's point of view. They should know their audience well and be aware of its expectations and demands.
- They are required to have the ability to think creatively and come up with several variants of an idea that hold distinctive appeal for the audience. They need broadness of vision to recognize items of value that will sustain audience interest over a longer duration.
Good at Communication
• The job of a copy reader involves interaction with authors as well as publishing staff. Copy readers need to communicate clearly with authors to ensure the copy is in keeping with the publication's style and policies.
- They need to have…...

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