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I am doing this self-learning project because it will help me in my footsteps coming at university. The Skills that I will get from this project is how I present the findings, how to collect data and analyse data. I am researching about dreams and aspiration of people in Saudi Arabia because it will give me more information about them. It is important to know what they want to do in their life in order to fix or change a lot of things and focus on something. The knowledge will help the government, college, universities to plan for the future. In addition can include courses that will be relevant.

Glowork Research

Glowork carried out a poll of 500 women attending 10 universities in Saudi Arabia. The poll showed that the majority wanted a job after finishing University. In addition, the poll showed 61% wanted to work in administration jobs and tourism jobs. However 72% of women were using either websites or magazines and newspapers to find jobs. The most important skills are IT and English. On the other hand the the survey showed that they are not care about salary but the experience. And they want help to write a CV. The limitations of this study are included women studying at university. It would be very interesting to find out what other groups of people think, also the study focused on work. And to find out that not all ambition are mentioned in travelling, having family, getting married, or even doing Charity work.


These is the questions that I will ask to groups:
What is your biggest dreams? 1-
2- To be successful you should have a goals? (Agree \disagree)
3-What is thing that you want to do more before you die?
4- How important is it to have your own plan for the future? (Important \ not important)
5- Do you think behind every great man a great women?
6- What is the most important thing in life?
7- How…...

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