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Pt1420 Unit 10

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Unit 10

TCP can connect two hosts with the capability to retransmit dropped packets, maintain ordering, and check for errors. A TCP connection is established with a three-way handshake in which a connection is established and acknowledged. What are the three messages that form this handshake sequence? Why is this important for establishing the connection? Use your textbook and Internet research to compose your answer.
The messages that are used to form the handshake are SYN, SYN-ACK, and ACK. They are important because it allows for both ends to initiate and communicate using different TCP sockets at once.


By establishing a TCP connection, you allow one host to verify expected communication to and from the connected host. This provides two important features: windowing/sequencing and error checking/recovery. Windowing and sequencing are used to determine whether messages have been seen and are delivered in the correct order to the recipient. Error checking makes sure that all the packets are delivered as expected, providing reliability. Why are reliability and sequencing important in message delivery? Give an example of when each would be necessary.
Its important because it allows for the organization of multiple messages so that the right message is sent in its proper order. Sequencing is the other important part because it makes sure things are in order and also that they are received in the right time frame and order.

10.1 Review

1. Why is the IP address not needed at the transport layer of communication? Justify your answer.
Because this is the layer that provides convenient services such as connection – oriented data stream support, reliability, flow control, multiplexing.

2. For messages used for online gaming, which is a better transport protocol to use, TCP or UDP? For…...

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