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Personality psych
Part 1 The quote I decided to go with is “the most beautiful as well as the ugliest inclinations of man are not part of a fixed biologically given human nature, but result from social process which creates man”. The meaning I find out of this quote is that people are not shaped by their presence of being born or their genetics, they are formed through how they are taught through society which is parents, teachers, friends ext. Everyone who is born is given a fresh start at life, no one starts off with a different with a different way of thinking, you’re thinking and intellect builds and customizes through your surroundings. Fact of the matter is that people will tend to think differently based on their social background which usually derives from parents and community. It goes with the saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. People are most likely to be a secondary image of their parents more likely than not. The world and the surroundings is what change the person.
Part 2 1. Samaras neurotic need is to be centered by a partner. She wants to be cared for by a person and wants to feel affection to the complete limit. She wants to be controlled over and have someone care about her. However it’s to the point where she is being to compress people’s lives which causes the other partner to be uncomfortable. She wants someone to control her in a loving way while controlling her partner as well. 2. The image that is created between samara and herself is that she thinks she is loving and caring and compassionates to her partner but in reality she is being possessive and controlling to her partner. She doesn’t give her partner any room to breathe or have any free time. She needs to be giving her partners space and use trust that they are not doing any other things with any other women. She seems to be very annoying in the…...

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