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t PSY1004F/PSY1006F Work piece 3 Biopsychology and Memory

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1. There are a number of clients at the Shady Pines Nursing Home who have suffered neurological damage. Given the limited, and admittedly oversimplified, information provided in your handbook about the patients at Shady Pines Nursing Home, make an educated guess as to the part of the brain that has been damaged. a. Anna: Click here to enter text. b. Lindiwe: Click here to enter text.

c. Luke: Click here to enter text.

d. Tarryn: Click here to enter text.

e. Matthew: Click here to enter text.

f. Benson: Click here to enter text.

g. Craig: Click here to enter text. [15 marks]

2. Read the examples outlined in your tutorial handbook and for each one (i) identify the probable cause of forgetting, (ii) provide a definition for the probable cause, and (iii) provide an explanation of the cause with reference to the example. a. Cause of Forgetting: Click here to enter text. Definition and explanation: Click here to enter text.

b. Cause of Forgetting: Click here to enter text. Definition and explanation: Click here to enter text.

c. Cause of Forgetting: Click here to enter text.…...

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