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Psy 230 Week 3 Day 5- Ericksons Time Line

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PSY 230 week 3 day 5
Erikson’s Timeline

Initially I thought that defining where I fit in Erickson’s stage of development would be easy. The truth I have found is far from that. Although the stages are defined by a general age each development stage has, I personally feel that I fit into two stages. The initial stage I feel I blend well with is the sixth stage called young adult stage. The age for this is labeled as 18 to 35 The question posed during this sixth stage is intimacy versus isolation (Erikson, 1980). Although I am 37, I am in the decision of completing a committed relationship. I am newly in a relationship by one year. With this the situation and the other person being slightly younger than I am, the discussion has been brought across the table for our future and family planning. Although I have children, he does not and would want to have. This is the beginning of our family and with more planning in time I will get to know just how big our family will grow to be. At this point I feel that I am in the right relationship and that my outlook on a relationship has definitely changed, more on a morale aspect. I know it could be easily said that being in the relationship influences the way one thinks about the relationship. This relationship is far different from that theory. I was teetering on the seventh stage of Erickson’s stage of development theory. I was not looking for a relationship however just like theory six describes, this is when the person learns from all their relationship experiences and intends on getting it right finding that intimacy on a deep level. For once I can say I am there. At this point this describes exactly how I think. I don’t feel as though I was as consciously as unconsciously searching for the answer of intimacy verses isolation. I simply looked around me and thought that I…...

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