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Advertising and Promotion in Business

Task 1

1. How will Fused Vision apply below-the-line techniques to promote a product for their company during and after the Olympic Games? Evaluate your response.

The below-the-line technique can be used by Fused Vision to promote their promotes during and after the Olympic Games as it grants them direct contact to consumers and allows them to maintain a lot of control of their organisation.

The below-the-line technique allows Fused Vision to use a variety of ways to connect with their target group(s).

This technique is extremely good for businesses that want to connect with their target group at a limited cost and is often used by organisations with little money for promotion or entrepreneurs.

Below-the-line techniques have many advantages that Fused Vision will benefit from which are as follows:

• It allows businesses to send clear and direct highly targeted personal messages to their customers.

This is especially important as it allows Fused Vision to show customers products/services directly in the flesh, this is good for customers as they get to touch, feel and experience the product before purchasing it.

• The level of engagement to customers is high

• It is extremely cost effective more so than the other methods of promotion

The below-the-line technique method of promotion is especially good for Fused Vision when promoting their products during the Olympics and after as it is usually used for exhibitions, sponsorship of events, press and public relations, improved product packaging and sales promotion.

This technique can not only be used by Fused Vision for marketing communication but also to increase profit, gaining attention to the brand, communicating ideas and advancing the brand.

The below-the-line technique encompasses a series of…...

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