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Native language is an integral part of the people's history and their culture. With the help of native language, people can communicate, and understand each other. People must know their native language in order to have good knowledge about their native land. In addition, language helps us to know ourselves. However, some countries have significant problem with their native language. In these countries most people do not speak on their mother language. Unfortunately, Kazakhstan is one of these countries. There are two main reasons why Kazakh people do not know Kazakh language. The first reason is that new generations do not even know Kazakh language because of impact older generation over younger. They basically use Russian language in everyday life. That is consequence of the fact that Kazakhstan is post Soviet Union country. Nowadays there are small amount of young people who speak Kazakh fluently. That is why, Kazakh language may become a dead language. For example, parents speak with their children in Russian. In addition, children listen to music, read books, and watch television in Russian language. In other words, they have more practice in order to improve Russian language. Under the circumstances, the Kazakh language is remains unnecessary, and unused among the younger generation.
The second reason is that in Kazakhstan demand of education in Russian language is higher than in Kazakh language. That is to say, most parents choose education in Russian language for their children. The reason why demand of education in Russian language is higher than in Kazakh is because Russian language was developing over centuries, while in Kazakh language started developing from the end of 20s century. Also, in 1990s USSR was the third in the world of level of education according to UNESCO. Thus, parents who care about future of their children prefer to give them education in Russian. Unfortunately, the use of the Russian language is still domination over use of the Kazakh language.
In conclusion, I can say that the native language of people and their life is very closely related between each other. If nation lose their language, they will lose their culture, traditions and customs. Without language we would not be able to share with our opinions, emotions, and experiences. For those reasons, residents of Kazakhstan should not ignore the Kazakh language. We must try to learn Kazakh language as best as possible. I strongly believe that if everyone takes part in development of our language, we can preserve the mother language, and we can pass it to the next generation.…...

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