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Prepare Documentation to Select and Recruit New Member of Staff

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EU solidarity
The broad concept of EU solidarity is said to be the underlying aspiration of the integration of the people of Europe and is guaranteed by the following freedoms: * Free movement of persons / workers * Free movement of goods * Free movement of services * Free movements of capital
Central to the European Union is the concept of unification of nations with the emphasis representing recognition of the autonomy of individual states.
Free Movement of Services & the Internal Market
Article 56 of the EC Treaty guarantees companies from any European Union Member State to be able to establish themselves in another European Union Member State and provide services on the territory of another European Union Member State or on that one which they are thus established in.
Companies established in one EU Member State are therefore able to provide services in any of the other EU Member States.
The internal market is the market within the European Union, a market not based simply on the individual Member States but across all Member States and is achieved through the free movement of services and the free movement of goods throughout the European Union.
Benefits of the Internal Market
Since the creation of the internal market and in the ten years following the first completion of the first Single Market programme in 1993 the following tangible benefits were recorded: * 2.5 million extra jobs created due to the removal of national barriers * Increase of wealth in the single market up to EUR 9 billion – EUR 6,000 per family * Increased competition – better prices and better products available for consumers
Barriers to trade between Member States
Central to the creation of the internal market is the removal of barriers affecting trade between European Union Member States. For example certain Member States imposing…...

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