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Boston Dynamics builds advanced robots with remarkable behavior: mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. We use sensor-based controls and computation to unlock the capabilities of complex mechanisms. Organizations worldwide, from DARPA, the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps to Sony Corporation turn to Boston Dynamics for advice and for help creating the most advanced robots on Earth

Atlas is part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge Program. The robot is tethered, powered from an off-board, electric power supply. Atlas' reason for being is to serve as a humanoid robot that will be capable enough to move in outdoor, rough terrain. The limbs need to perform well, to be able to lift, carry and manipulate in rough environments. Atlas was unveiled in July at the company, as a robot that can respond to dangerous emergencies.
The video shows the Atlas robot now on rough terrain walking with bent knees and arms stretched, on rubble and rocks, maintaining its balance as it moves along. In another scene, a ball is trying to knock it over as Atlas stands on one foot, maintaining its balance even while standing on one leg and being hit by the ball from the side.

ahora video principal

This month, Boston Dynamics also posted a video of its WildCat robot, funded by DARPA and developed for emergency response and aid scenarios. The big news about WildCat is that, drew attention for its speed; the robot could run at 28 miles per hour but that was on a treadmill indoors tethered to a power supply.

Tres leyes: 1. Un robot no puede hacer daño a un ser humano o, por inacción, permitir que un ser humano sufra daño. 2. Un robot debe obedecer las órdenes dadas por los seres humanos, excepto si estas órdenes entrasen en conflicto con la 1ª Ley. 3. Un robot debe proteger su propia existencia en la medida en que esta protección no entre en conflicto con la 1ª o la 2ª Ley.1

Pros and Cons of Robotics Advantages of using robots

We can send them to dangerous enviorments such as the deep sea or warzones.
We can use robots to produce products in factories such as assembling cars.
Robots can also be used to build the parts for many products like plane parts, car parts and construction supplies
Also robots are better at doing anything that we need to be precise, accurate and consistant.
Another advantage is that new jobs are created because people have to fix and design the robots.
An andvantage to using robots is that robots can work without sleep. So they can work 24/7/365
Pro) Position
1. Robots can do surgeries for medical issues.
3. Robots can do things even a human can't do.
4. Robots can take care of people in need.
5.Robots can fill in at your work.


Robots take the place of many humans in places like factories. So the people have to find new jobs or be retrained. So a MAJOR disadvantage is that the robots take the place of humans in several situations.
Another disadvantage is that there is quite a high initial cost for the robot and the software and equiptment that you need to use with the robot.

1. Robots are not proven safe.
2. It may be impossible to teach robots wrong from right.
3. We may have to give robots their own rights and freedoms due to them gaining intelligence.
4. The cost of robots would be in the millions of dollars.
5. Sophisticated robots could fall into the wrong hands such as a terrorist then who knows what will happen.

Robotics revolution to replace most human workers in three generations

Mike Adams
Natural News
September 30, 2013

As much as seventy percent of the human race will become obsolete within just three generations. Why? Because robotics technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that highly-capable humanoid robots with advanced vision recognition and motor coordination systems are going to take over most menial labor jobs.

Supporting this conclusion, a new study just released by Oxford scientists concludes that 47% of all jobs are “at risk” of being replaced by automation systems and robots in just one generation (roughly 20 years). But this is just the opening chapter of the robotics revolution that will rapidly make human labor all but obsolete.

over the next three generations (about 75 years), we will see humanoid robots take over nearly all traditional labor roles in society, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, firefighting, food service and even community policing. Most of the physical work done today by humans will be turned over to humanoid-shaped robots built much the same way we are: two arms, two legs, two eyes and roughly the size and shape of a 5′ 9″ man.

This, in turn, will make virtually all human laborers obsolete. There will be no more need for people to pick crops, paint houses, clean windows, drive ambulances or even fight wars. Humanoid robots will take over every repetitious, dangerous, disgusting or boring task that humans currently tackle, from cleaning toilets and sweeping floors to driving taxis.
A fascinating new book is coming out on this very topic in just a few days.

Robots replace humans where there is ultimate risk for humans, like:
1. Under water exploration
2. Heavy
3. Space exploration where there is risk for human life (like the latest Mars rover).
4. Construction purposes.
5. Radioactive research labs(to handle radioactive elements).
6. Useful in military operations

Economics, capitalism and socialism

A more detailed answer lies in the progress and development of countries as well as advances in science and technology.

The wealthier countries have enjoyed rapid advancement in science and technology, enabling them to automate many facets of society. In combination with a high standard of education these countries have a reduced need for uneducated workers that are willing to do repetitive work such as factory work.

And as even the uneducated nationals of these countries have been subject to improved wealth many refuse to do these jobs. In this scenario the options for manufacturers are limited.

One option is to keep the factories local and "employ" robots to do the work at a reduced cost - and often higher efficiency compared to human workers - to keep the profit line.

Another option is to stimulate uneducated migrant workers from other countries to come and do these jobs in semi-automated factories. This causes all sorts of social and financial difficulties.

A third option, which is more often seen these days, is to combine the above two - move the factory to a low income country AND employ robot workers.

In this scenario, yes, human workers lose out all around.…...

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