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Postal Monopoly and Competition in the Civil Aviation

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Postal monopoly and competition in the civil aviation

In the early 20th century, monopoly organization is mainly in the sectors of heavy industry such as coal, steel and oil. However, today has expanded the scope of the monopoly rules to light industry, transportation, commerce, agriculture and various service sectors and other fields. Monopoly is an industry controlled by who is the only producer of a good that has no close substitutes. Monopolistic industry in general are related to most people and the industry which closely related to public utilities, such as telecommunications, postal services, water, electricity, gas, railways and aviation. These industries penetrate into all aspects of society, therefore, their prices high and low cost that concerns society as a whole. The overall efficiency of these industries directly related to other industry's ability to compete internationally. This report will first indicate and analyses the case, then it will use the knowledge to resolute the special fact of monopoly and competition in the United State.

People can set postal services, sounds like a joke, but in the United States, there are not only private postal, but also the private prison. Companies which in the United States are generally known for high efficiency and good service, but the postal service is an exception. One of the reason is that lacking of competition and state subsidies in this industry, secondly, employees usually holding this work, which is easy to cause low efficiency and poor service At home and abroad, very few exceptions, for example, posting mail slot of the standards set by the Chinese postal system is extremely narrow, slightly thick letter can not put into. American Standard mail slot can put into a small package. Mail slot postal services for people must pass through the channel. The size of the channel is perhaps equivalent to…...

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