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Portfolio Project Reflection As I undertook to study this course, I was apprehensive and worried about Part 4 concerning the project portfolio. At first I had the perception that common diagnostic coding auditing processes are complicated to understand and to use in the medical profession.Until I begin handling part 4 of this project; it is when I realized that medical coding system is a process of assigning numeral values to medical procedures and diagnoses. It is when that I developed an interest in interrogating the medical coding system deeper though it sounded straight forward. This project has enlightened me that in all healthcare settings medical coding system is crucial as it used to develop data for both inpatient and outpatient services. I am also made to be accurate in diagnostic coding and auditing processes, as the success of all medical procedures and diagnoses is dependent on the data from these systems. My awareness of medical coding system, therefore, has been increased throughout this course. For instance, I now know that all medical assessments, quality review and physician reimbursements are all based on medical coding system. I also know that coders, like any other professionals, can get caught in a rut.Such a circumstance may lead to the formulation of bad coding habits with errors that are detrimental to the accuracy needed in this profession. I will apply the knowledge I have gained throughout this medical course to identify areas that I may fall into the trap of assuming too much. Also to avoid the tendency of not correctly scrutinizing the medical records. This knowledge will in turn assist me in overcoming superficial errors that might cripple the coding system.…...

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