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Popepular Cristian Terencio UC-18

Pope Francis as a child, He is hard working and a well-mannered guy. Doing chores and etc. As a young student, He early recognizes the importance of knowledge and learning. By doing so, Pope Francis graduated from technical school. As a seminarian, he believes in god and in other hand believes in science as well. Having faith and have a high intellectual capacity proves that he is worthy to serve god and receive the calling. And lastly as a pope, I think he is a right man who would be a man of God, a man of pastoral governance, with a sense of church universal and good communicator.

The story of the 5 modern heroes inspire us all, their stories compare to our pope stories is much similar. First is Kristel Mae Padasas who serve God willingly even at the typhoon and the disapprovement of her parents. Like the pope whose parents disapprove his decision of serving God. Second one is Dr. Gomez who protects environment like pope. He led the world’s first national-scale assessment of damage to coral reefs leading to international conservation initiatives such as replanting of corals. The third one is Joey Velasco who is only 43 years old when he passed away because of a life-threatening kidney disease. Best known for his work Hapag ng Pag-asa, or Table of Hope, which depicts the Last Supper with Jesus and street children instead of the disciples, Velasco has stirred the hearts of many with his paintings. The 4th one is Ronald Gadayan is just an ordinary worker with a golden and honest heart, one of the most honest individual who ever worked at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. And lastly is Mark Lory Clemencio who is part of the famous group called SAF44. He’s bravery touch the heart of the pope and not only him but the whole group of it.…...

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