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i fall through these cloulds of fire watch me as i burn uncontrolling bust rest assure that you wont suffer because love takes all its angst out on me the harder i try to breathe the more i chike and fall blindly into where i can see you as i drown and sink cant wish it all away cant cry it all away cant close my eyes to escape cant hold my breathe to fade hold me as i slip through the dark cast me in te shadows,love what i forgot say you'll only love me because i cant bear this all alone cant fight it all away cant hope it all away cant scream it all away it just wont go away!!!! guess i'll just have to bleed it though with your love,i once thought i'll endure but it hurts right down to the core as these stab wounds sink deeper in because they go through slowly i fall into silent nights watch the dark red sky fly over me as i stand still where i once knew away you went,i stand invisible the silent ringing in my ears are cause by the screaming every night of what i lost

as i slip into what they call a nightmare its what i use to escape reality where i go to help bleed these feelings the one place where i can cry and no one see i close me eyes so i wont see you leave i know you can taste it in my tears drowning before i reach the floor i'll bleed before you reach that door you cant go in because its locked and im forever lost away from it so go ahead and scream scream til my ears bleed because if you break that door you would never be able to find me you'll never see through this darkness darkness so black all you feel is cold but you'll never feel my agony
i grow tired of being here it goes dry as i cry away my last tears wasted on an emotions that only hurts me i go blind from all theses tears i go deaf from the screaming every night im stuck at breath as this pain soffocates me

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