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Attorneys for PlaintiffRANDY LAW | |
COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO RANDY LAW, Plaintiff, v.PIPER REED, Defendant. | CASE NO. Lawyering Skills 1 Complaint Filed: August 31, 2012Trial Date: TBDDiscovery Cutoff: Motion Cutoff: |

Plaintiff Randy Law, for his cause of action against Defendant Piper Reed complains and alleges as follows:
1. Plaintiff Randy Law (“Plaintiff”) is a twenty-four year old student, at all times herein mentioned, is a third student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law (“TJSL”) and resides in the city of San Diego, county of San Diego, state of California. 2. Defendant Piper Reed, an individual, is a twenty-six years old student, and is and at all times herein mention is also a student at TJSL. 3. Defendant Thomas James was also present at the “Bar Review” at the Music House Bar. Thomas James is a first year student at TJSL, and shares a torts class with Misty Gold. 4. Misty Gold, also a first year law student at TJSL. Misty Gold shares a torts class with Thomas James. She resides in the city of San Diego, county of San Diego, and state of California. She was also present at the “Bar Review” hosted at the Music House Bar. 5. Melody Wright, a student at TJSL, year unknown, is roommates with Misty Gold. She is a witness to Misty Gold’s injury. 6. The student government of TJSL hosted a “Bar Review” event for TJSL students at the House Music Bar, located in downtown San Diego on Friday, August 21, 2012.
VENUE & JURISDICTION 7. Venue in this court is proper because the injuries to Plaintiff occurred in the city and county of San Diego, and the Music House Bar regularly seeks to avail itself of the subject jurisdiction for purposes of servicing its customers. 8. Subject matter in this action is properly heard in this Court because the controversy is of San Diego…...

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