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Planning and Growth Health Church

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Planning and growing healthy Chinese church cd 763 4/4/2013

A growing healthy church has solid foundation when it is starts with: a) clear calling mission and vision statement
Mission is thru God what he wants you to do
Vision is what you will do after 10-20 years b) A senior pastor with SHEPHERD’S HEART: Acts 20:20-35, Matt 11:25-30. Health and growing church is very depends on Pastor. (if you lose half on your leadership , the pastor should leaves) and also you need a prayer partner cry together and laugh together. c) A clear long term strategy owner by leadership team and by the whole church. d) A united leadership team same vision same mission same core values with the pastor. e) An undivided leadership team and a long team leadership development plan: 1. Friendships/partnership building 2. Discipleship f) A constant clear core values: core values drive a church in her decision making goals and priorities setting, problems solutions. They drive the ministry in a particular direction and draw new members with the same values. (core value is not change often. If you have no core value you will go different direction and church will swing. ) g) A growing healthy has a staff team who share the same values. Where values align, they will pull together. Where values differ, they will pull apart.( Interview people with the same mindset.) (background check is always important.) When you determinate a pastor you don’t have to bring it to congregation, because it will make church split. h) The membership class. (They also need to sign a statement to accept the core value, if they don’t have a same mindset then you should advise he or she go to other church with their same mindset). Who handle youth and children should have background check. i) Homogeneous congregation: Peter Wagner: People…...

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