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Ego Boosters and Ego Busters
Ego Boosters and Ego Busters play a most important role in shaping who I am as human beings. Humans learn who they are and the proper behavior by feedback from their friend groups and others. Ego boosters from the general population who we respect help to realize who we are as a person. Ego Busters can negatively affect self-idea since person doesn’t care for being told they are bad or that they ought to change somehow. This can give persons a low self-idea. It can make individuals see themselves negatively. When I look at my life, from where I have been to where I am presently and I look at who can to boost my ego. Then, there are the ones who have negative comments about everything I do which is buster my ego. I will explain in my biggest ego boosters and my biggest ego boosters. I will give information how these people influenced my life
An ego booster that I have had in my life would need to be my mom and my father. With respect to my family, they are always encouraging me that would perform to my most ability in school and in addition succeeding in life. My family boosted my ego by continually telling me that I can do it and never to give up. They would let me know that I would be doing a great job showing when in reality we both realize that I was not doing great, but rather to hear somebody letting you know that you are doing great improves you need to do. So when they let me know I was doing great I was being encouraged to show improvement over I was. My family has made me the person who I am today; I generally need to succeed in my life.
Then I have had so some ego busters all through my life that they don’t want you to succeed, but as we all realize it will never work because I am the type of person who needs to build myself a better person. The biggest one I ever had was my co-worker. I met her at work

and at the time she meant friend to me. I wasn’t allowed to talk about meeting a certain way or even giving opinion, she would tell me that I was wrong idea. She always had a negative idea to say. Then I decided to go ahead with the change of my schedule that make the distance between us.
An ego booster for someone else that at the company I work very hard and help my client as a good employer. Due to my good employer in the society the company was doing well. And also the company relationships would also improve. So due to the good care and being the best employer, my company manager called me and said he would increase my salary. So the increment in the salary made my hard work was being valued and raised my self-steam.
An ego busters for someone else that my father felt so sad when I got low grade in high school one of my courses. I got in my low grade I was really mad and felt bad. And then he told me that if I would not pass my other subject, he would punish me. So really I made him to discourage and sad.
So in conclusion, I feel that the people that attempt to cut me down and would rather see me unsuccessful are terrible for me. I try to put a space between myself and people like that. I feel like they have so much negativity that they need the negativity around every one of the people around them I can't generally avoid from negative people. Presently, when somebody has negative things to say in regards to me or I try to use it to my advantage. I will take what they have said and figure out how to use the words to help me to end up effectively. People throughout my life that bring me support and boost my ego really care for me. These people need me to succeed and turn into the best person I can be. I value the person that I have that support

about my success. The only opinion I offer is to take the negative words and replace them to support you in your success.…...

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