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Voice Over | Visuals | Pune. A culturally rich city. | Shots of Pune roadsRickshaw MetersPeopleEvening Time LapseVasantoutsav clippingsPune Festival clippingsGanpati ProcessionPeople buying at Tulsi Baug | We wanted to contribute a bit more in our own way | General crowd at PIKF walking at the show area | Pune International Kite Festival | PIKF logo in shallow depth of field and then finally gets focusPeople in large numbers looking up towards the sky at the festival | Rugwed talks about our intention behind PIKF | Rugwed’s interview on the show groundMeeting sessions at Setu OfficeBrain storming at conference | It all started with a small objective of doing something on a bigger scale for the city | Discussion in Rugwed’s cabin with members talking about the showSystem work | Nachiket talks about the scale of the festival | Nachiket’s interview on the show groundLabours setting up the venue brandingLaying the green shade net on the flying area | 20 International kite flyers43 kite flyers from across India amazed Twenty Thousand Punekars | Close up of peoples excitement at the festival which includes kids, teens, parents, grand parents, police etc | | Kites flying in the blue sky with animated supers on the screen:’20 International flyers’‘Form 8 counties’’43 kite flyers’‘From across India’ | Amonkar talks about Sakal’s association with cultural Pune since 82 years and excitement of doing the cities first international kite festival event | Amonkar’s interview at the show groundLong shots, close ups etcPeople buying the tickets at the counter | | Time lapse shots of flyers chaletsInternational flyers un packing their kitesPreparing their kites for flying(All shots in close up and long with shallow depth of field) | Nachiket talks about bringing in the top international flyers | Nachiket’s interviewInternational flyers getting out of their cars with huge luggage, traditional welcome at the Hotel lobby.Fast shots of all flyers checking in at the hotel | International flyers talks about how excited he is to fly his kites at the First International Kite Festival. Ends talk with saying that he was eager to fly his kite the next morning | Casual chat with an International flyer at the hotel lobbyFades into black | | On the ground, works working to make do up the show groundSetting up the stageDome installation shotsTwilight shots of the entire showground with the sun setting down on the horizon | | Fades out with the sunrise.Flag hoisting at a school.One pan shot of school students singing the national anthemFades out. | | Top wide pan shot of the entire show ground, all ready to get into actionFlags flutteringTrolley type shot of the internal branding | | Shots of flyers arriving at the show groundsPeople with tickets in hand arriveLine of people to get the ticketsKids running at the site | | The first kite that goes in the sky (with real on ground sound)People clapping and making noise | Talks about the excitement of seeing the kite flying… “I feel like a child when I see these colourful kites high up in the sky, getting my memories of childhood of flying kites, its exciting, really exciting” | Interview of a spectator | 1. I remembered how we used to fly kites all our vacation back then when we were at school. 2. The whole day we used to fly kites, remembering the small kites we used to possess, the small kite fights 3. Also, running behind the kites when the came down crashing 4. The new kids are missing that fun, hope this festival excites them with this fun filled outdoor activity | Chat with a group of spectators | | Shot of camera moving in the crowd, capturing expression of peopleKids excited to see the kitesParents busy pointing out kites to their kidsGrand father and grand mother enjoying the early morning sun at the show ground | Rugwed talks about getting everyone from the family together | Rugwed’s interview on the show groundShots of kids with parentsHappy looking familiesAmazed teens and kids | Amonkar talks… “Its not just a event, it’s a festival… There is something for everyone here, from the kite flying to performances. We have also set up an YRI Carnival for kids, where he can spend time exploring all possible activities from bungee jumping to trampoline, and if you are tired, there is a food arena too” | Amonkar’s interview on the groundKids at carnival areaTrampoline shot from kids PoV (GoPro Head Mounted)Other carnival attractionsClose up of food getting servedKids having ice cream/candyPeople buying festival merchandiseKid making his mom wear the festival cap | MD of Shivtara will talk about why he got associated with Pune’s first International Kite Festival | Interview with MD of ShivtaraBranding of Shivtara on the show ground | The big oneThe sharkI loved the round oneMine was the octopusGanpati kiteBlahBlahBlah kite | Fast shots of reaction of kids to one question asked… Which Kite did you like? | | Slow motion of shots of people enjoying the kites flyingKids enjoyingParents happyGroup of friends chatting and laughingThe images gets out of focus and PIKF logo slowly appears on the screen and slowly fades out. | | Ground level camera with wide angle, which shoots people going back from the show ground in slow motion. Some making gestures to the camera.A kid does a bye-bye to the camera in slow motion | | Logos of Setu, White Copper and Sakal appears and then fades outslowly. |…...

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