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Performance Management System

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Alba Belegu

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Performance Management


SMC University
Dr. Thomas Grisham
January 2, 2013

Author Note
Alba Belegu, Doctorate in Business Administration student, SMC University.
Correspondence related to this paper should be addressed to Alba Belegu, Department of Management, American University in Kosovo, Germia Campus, 10000, Pristina, Kosovo

DQ # 1 State the measurement system used by your employer and recommend how it could be improved with your understanding of its management measurement systems presently.
No matter the business endeavor and the industry, the environment and business entity needs to be understood. With the growth of the business, the focus shifts in leverage points and relationships with the customers, suppliers, competitors and employees (Nugent, 2003). Moreover, changes in leadership amplify the chaos created with businesses growing (Eckerson, 2005; Nugent, 2003). This has been the reality at the American University in Kosovo (AUK) wherein there has been a new management structure introduced in 2011. AUK is lacking focus, and the strategy being defined and translated into clear objectives, metrics and tasks customized to individuals, which is not enabling it to advance organization’s goals and strategies. To stabilize the current situation created as a result of new leadership structure, AUK needs to instill a business information system enabling AUK to optimize performance and achieve strategic objectives. Fritzen (2007) argued that large organizations need to turn to performance measurement systems to fulfill functions such as holding individuals accountable for reaching publicly stated standards of quality and fiduciary responsibility, and to facilitate a learning approach on what is successful and what needs to improve.
The new leadership needs to know how to manage AUK…...

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