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TO: The Human Resources Department of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department
FROM: Kelly Powell-Duffner, Former Sheriff’s Deputy
DATE: 01/08/2012
SUBJECT: High Turnover Rate within the Department and a Proposal to Correct this Issue
Attached is my research as to why the turnover rate has risen so much over the last eighteen months within the Marion County Sheriff’s Department as well a proposal that could possibly prevent this trend from continuing. It has become apparent that there must be a problem within the department due to turnover rates rising despite the current economy downturn. When jobs are harder to come by and the unemployment rate is high one would think that movement in many fields would be at a minimum. Unfortunately, it has been shown to be the opposite in many law enforcement fields and job turnover is exploding for many reasons. Some of these reasons include poor morale, the ability to easily replace people due to the available unemployed workforce, ill treatment on the job, job politics, career dissatisfaction, the increase in prices for everyday items such as gas and groceries that require a higher paying job to afford and finally the workforce being more of child rearing ages and requiring jobs with better benefits to provide for their families.
This research topic greatly attracted me due to my own personal experiences as a police officer. In my experiences as police officer, I encountered all of these issues and ultimately decided to leave the department. Before I left, I watched countless people leave, and the last year of my career as a police officer, the entire department was suffering from a mass exodus and deputies were abandoning their law enforcement careers in favor of unrelated work even if it paid less than law enforcement did. Perhaps if some of the major issues are targeted and corrected the turnover rate in…...

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