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Define public policy in no more than thirty words.

2. List five key implications for the public sector of each of the libertarian, neo liberal and collectivist categories of political philosophy.

3. List the views of equity and effectiveness of each of the libertarian, neo liberal and collectivist categories of political philosophy.

4. Distinguish between property rights for ownership and for use of resources and provide three public policy examples of each.

5. Distinguish between demand-side and supply-side public policies and provide three examples of each policy.

6. Define contestable markets and provide three public policy examples.

7. Distinguish between economic, political and administrative decentralisation and provide two public policy examples of each.

8. In no more than thirty words, explain the meaning and justification of the EU’s policy of subsidiarity.

9. Define ‘exit’ and list five public policies facilitating the scope for exit.

10. Define ‘co-payments’ and list three practical examples.

Section 2: Long answer questions.
This section accounts for 70% of the total marks for this paper.
These questions must be answered in essay style.
Answers must make use of relevant concepts, theories & analytical frameworks.
Analysis must be at a level appropriate for Masters.
All questions are worth equal marks.
Allow half an hour per question.
Answer any two questions.

11. Consider the extent to which the 2007/09 credit crunch demonstrates the limitations of neo-liberal public policies.

12. Distinguishing between pure public and pure private services, consider the extent to which governments should make direct provision of welfare state services and the appropriate balance between use of public and private finance.

13. Define and provide a typology of the purchaser-provider split, consider the arguments for and…...

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