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P4 Describe, with Examples, the Impact of Government Policies on Different Public Services.

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P4 Describe, with examples, the impact of government Policies on different public services.
British army
The government will take cuts from the amount of power the British army has, this means that the army would have limited amount they can do to win wars and help other countries with their problems. The British Army presence in Germany will end by 2020 this means that The Basing Plan sets out the location changes for the Army and also confirms the drawdown of all units from Germany by 2020. The plan has transitioned into a delivery Programme and this will affect most areas of the Army as more than 100 units will relocate over the next six years. Overall personnel numbers will drop by 7,000 to 95,500 this means people from the army will lose their jobs in the army. The army will have too also cut back on heavy artillery like tanks, the number of Challenger 2 tanks cut by 40% and AS-90 heavy artillery by 35%, this could lead to losing on missions and not able to help other countries.

Royal Air Force.
With the cut backs on power given to the royal air force this mean they will have to get rid of most of weapons used by the British air force, for example The Harrier will be retired in order to maintain the Tornado as the RAF's main strike aircraft until the Typhoon matures. They will do this to make room for new and improved weapons and planes to use in the future. The latter and the F-35 Lightning II will constitute the RAF's fast jet fleet in the future.

Jobs will be lost in the royal air force so that the government can save money, they will also cut back on wage this mean that there will be reduction of 5,000 to 33,000 worker at the royal air force.
The Nimrod MRA4 project that cost £984 million which was over-budgeted will be scrapped because of the cost this will make a down fall because the Nimrod MRA4 project could of help the royal air force. RAF…...

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