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International Business (MAGT 306)
Semester: - Fall 2013
The Topic: - International Business Activities In Ooredoo
Submission Date: - Monday 23/12/2013
Instructor Name: - Dr. Yasir Yasin

*Group Members 1. Khalifa Elbeltagi 200911802 2. Abdulrahman Al Fayhani 200809233 3. Ahmed Shafi 200902883 4. Abdulla Al yahri 200903162 5. Beshr Al-Hallack 200702653

About the Organization
Qatar telecommunication started providing its services in 1949, but it was officially announced in 1987 under the Qatari law number 13. The type of services that was offered and provided to the customers that time was the land line telephones with a capacity of fifty lines, but in the year of 1953 the telephone lines get extended to one hundred and fifty lines which showed an interest towards telephone landlines at the time. In 1970, the development of the national telephone services began and it became under Qatar National Telephone services by cable and wireless as well. Qatar telecommunication was the monopoly at those days until on November 2006 the monopolization stopped and the Emir issued the law number 34 of 2006 to restructure the administration, whereby ICT Qatar has announced a new telecom in the country Qatar by the name of Qtel. Moreover, Qtel became the only representative of the telecommunication sector in Qatar, were almost the whole population are stratified with the services that the company is serving the whole community in a professional way. In the year 2008, Vodafone entered the telecommunication field competing with Qtel, were Qtel stopped from being the only monopolized company in the telecommunication sector. The term Qtel is been changed in the February 2013 and now it’s called Ooredoo, where…...

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