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One Smooth Stone

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One Smooth Stone
Elaine White
Stevens-Henager College
December 21, 2013

One Smooth Stone
One Smooth Stone is a business-theater company that businesses contract with to help deliver a particular message for items such as a new product launch, a business-wide initiative, or a special sales event. Everyone in the company works together to meet client needs, which are often changing with regards to time, competition, and other factors. The company does not "pretend to have a prepackaged solution," but instead works with each client individually to determine the perfect idea and then deliver on it. One Smooth Stone hosts a diverse clientele whose needs vary widely. One Smooth Stone does contract out to other companies or freelance contractors for particular needs. The company is highly selective about who they contract with, because while those workers may not be under the same roof as One Smooth Stone, in the clients' eyes they still represent the company.
Mark Ledogar attributes the success of One Smooth Stone to the great relationships the company has with its clients and the great structure within the organization itself. OSS organizational structure is flat and very decentralized which allows decisions to be made quickly. They have no departments so they can work around the clock. The level of departmentalization is minimal and frequently changes due to the number and type of clients the company has at one given time. They also provide their clients with a wide variety of specialized skills by outsourcing its special needs. This writer believes that they are using network organization and matrix organization.
Ledogar said that the company does not pretend to have a prepackaged solution for each client, but instead relies on the clients' needs or specifications to tailor the presentation design to that client's goals. Constant flexibility and…...

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