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One Case About Cure Med

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University Of Central Punjab | Research Methodology | | Assignment : 01Submitted to : Prof. Shabana naveedSubmitted by:Iqra Sajid L1F09BBAM0020Hasiba Salamat L1S10BBAM0090 | Mariyum Liaquat L1S10BBAM0121Syeda Farheen L1F10BBAM0120Submission Date: 30th October 2012 | | | | | |

Introduction of Perceived Effective training and Employees performance
Employee training tries to improve skills or add to the existing knowledge so that employees are better equipped to perform their jobs or to prepare themselves for higher position with increased responsibilities. Organizational growth is linked with its individual growth of employees.
According to Elippo (British author)
‘‘Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job’’

Job performance is the way employees perform their work (by Carl hose) .The job performance of each employee is assessed on an annual or quarterly basis in order to help them identify suggested areas for improvement.



The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of perceived training and development on job performance of employees working in an organization. The quality of employees and their development through the way they perceive training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of organization. If you hire and keep good employees, it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills, so they can increase their productivity by showing result in increased performance. Training often is considered for new employees only. This is a mistake because ongoing training for current employees helps them adjust to rapidly changing job requirements. Building a more efficient, effective and…...

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