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Once I Was a Coward; Now I Am Brave.

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There was a time when I used to wear a cloak of lies, perfectly draped in hypocrisy. I was a traitor; traitor to my own self. The drive of being accepted and the fear of being judged had made me blind. I used to wear the mask the world desired to see me wear. I remember how I silently used to follow their path in spite of knowing that there was a pit waiting ahead of me; but I was too scared to break the silence. I was a slave of a world that never gave me anything, but still, even the thought of getting deserted by it brought shivers down my spine. For them, I was a shoe-sole which they used to dump when they felt that it was worn out. The worst part about it was that, despite of being aware of my true place in their sight, I quietly submitted to them. I was a coward. Any sane man would had questioned himself that why am I doing this to myself? What brings me to this state of this inescapable horror of world? An answer to these questions unveiled the other part of the story. I was flimsy and fragile, I believed that every adversity that exists is capable of crippling me down. Hence I needed others’ back in order to hide myself. However, the bitter reality was that they only used to stand by my side if I acted like their puppet. Then one day the same people whom I feared to lose, abandoned me. I had fallen in the same pit about which I had known about, whilst following them. The cave was dark and scary. I was lost and isolated. Day and night past by, but my miseries did not seem to head to an end. Until one day, I spotted a ray of divine glimmering down the corner of the cave. My heart breathed a sigh of relief on the appearance of this light, but at the same time I was incapable of standing over my broken limbs. I cried over my helplessness and begged for help. He heard me. He mend my broken pieces and made me stand on my feet once again. I ran, chasing the light until it directed me to the mouth of cave where laid the escape. Thence, I made my way out. I learned that He Alone is sufficient for me, the belief was so empowering that it turned me into a dauntless fighter, the one who didn’t need anyone else to hold His sword. As a chivalrous battler of challenges, I had realized that back then, the presence of people was simply an illusion of strength and power. They were just like the lifeless scarecrows in farm behind whom I easily used to hide behind, but in reality those scarecrows did nothing to protect me. As a coward I had never tasted the true essence of a challenge, I only knew half the story which talked about failure. I used to hide because failure was a monster, I didn’t have the ability to fight it.. But today when a trial knocks my door, I shake hands to it like a soldier. By doing so, I set out for my journey to discover the other half of the story, the story of success.
I have nothing to fear, nor to lose. Once I was coward, now I am brave to comply with what I stand for, instead of blindly walking over the path with a pit on it. The sense of affiliation that used to come with a cost and the fear of being judged is history to me. I tore apart the cloak of subservience and have sewn a gown of empowerment instead.…...

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