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Oil Drilling in Alaska

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Drilling For Oil In ANWR, Is It Worth It?

Alexander Payne - Engineering Student, University of West Florida

Abstract - This report will take an objective look at the possibilities of drilling for oil in Alaska. We will take a look at all of the possible benefits and good that could come out of this, as well as all of the drawbacks and negative effects that can come from drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This report will also take a look at some possible alternatives to drilling for oil in ANWR that could possibly reap the same benefits, if not more.

Index Terms – Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Porcupine Caribou, Mineral Rights, Surface Rights, Aleuts, Eskimos, Tlingits, Crude Oil, Fossil Fuels, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Cellulosic Ethanol, oil rig, oil spill.

Introduction: Oil and its uses

1 What is Oil?

There many things referred to as “oil”, but in our case, oil is a liquid substance derived from petroleum that is used as a fuel source in hundreds of different applications, and it is also used as a lubricant. Oil is considered to be one of three main fossil fuels, the other two being coal and natural gas. As you probably know, fossil fuels are nonrenewable because it takes far too many years for nature to reproduce what we are taking away from it.

2 Uses Of Oil

Just about anything you can think of that runs off of an engine more than likely uses oil. Just to name off some other uses, oil can also be found in asphalt, some fertilizers, solvents, heating appliances, plastics, and polyurethanes. Most of the oil that comes from drilling though is used up for transportation purposes such as vehicles and airplanes. Also the military uses large amounts of oil, more than any other United States program. On average, the world uses 85 million barrels of oil on any given day, which is a huge…...

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