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1. Find TWELVE reasons for conducting meetings. a) To co-ordinate or arrange activities. b) To report on some activity or experience c) To put forward ideas or grievances for discussion d) To create involvement and interest e) To obtain assistance f) To give information to a group of people g) To obtain instant feedback h) Sharing information i) Making suggestions j) Making proposals k) Taking decision l) Enable face-to-face contact of a number of people at the same time.

2. Meetings can be “formal” meetings, and “informal” meetings. 2.i. What situations or conditions make a meeting “formal”? (3 points)

a) Company’s Articles of Association b) Constitution c) Standing Orders

2.ii. Under what conditions are meetings considered “informal”? (4 points)

a) Not have an appropriate place. b) More casual version of a formal meeting. c) Far less heavily planned and regulated than a formal business meeting. d) Far more relaxed in tone than formal meetings are.

3. You may have been attending meetings for the Stamford Community Day.

Are these meetings formal or informal meetings? What is the reason for your decision?

* Formal meetings because it should discuss and plan the event with all the members of the event.

4. Name THREE types of formal meetings. Describe each type with TWO points.

a) Annual General Meeting (AGM) * Held once a year to assess the trading of the organisation over the year. * All shareholders are invited to attend the AGM but they must be given 21 days’ notice.

b) Statutory Meetings * Directors and shareholders can communicate and consider special reports. * Companies are required by law to hold these statutory meetings.

c) Board Meetings * Held as often as individual organisations require. * They are attended by all directors and chaired by the chairman of the board.

5. Name THREE types of informal meetings. Describe each type with TWO points.

a) Management meetings * Attended by a group of managers. * To discuss a specific matter, report on progress or receive progress reports.

b) Departmental meetings * Called by the head of department or manager of a certain section. * All staff will be invited to attend so that information can be passed on or reports received from some members of staff regarding a specific project.

c) Working parties * Set up to work together on a specific project or problem. * Progress reports will be given and decisions for further action taken.

6. How do you help to make meetings more effective? (Suggest 19 points from Page 228)

a) Understand the purpose of meeting. b) Know your role as well. c) Know what is expected of you. d) Read all the papers in advance. e) Make some notes about any input you would like to make. f) Do your homework. g) Talk to people who you may be representing at the meeting. h) Get other people’s views on important topics. i) Discuss in a meeting. j) Don’t sit there silently. k) Remember you are a member of the meeting for a reason. l) Be sure to give your opinions. m) Take as active part in the meeting wherever possible. n) Do not interrupt anyone who is speaking. o) Give everyone a chance to voice their own opinions. p) At an appropriate moment, give some praise if possible first and then give you own views. q) If you disagree with something, try to be as constructive as possible. r) Watch the other members of the meeting and listen to them carefully. s) Watch body language, gestures, eye contact, movements, nuances and all the unique subtleties happening around the table.

7. The success of a meeting depends on various essential preparations. One important preparation is to make sure that all the documentation is dealt with, prepared efficiently before a meeting.

These are two important documents to prepare BEFORE a meeting: (i) Notice (ii) Agenda

What is the purpose of a notice? (5 points)

* To notify people of any event in order to have them attend. * To inform people of changes to their case. * To give you advance warning. * A notification to everyone. * Give details of the type, place, day, date and time of the meeting.

What is the purpose of an agenda? (1 points)

* A personal tool to keep track of events, responsibilities and deadlines in the future.

What are the 2 types of agendas suggested by Shirley Taylor? (2 points)

* Ordinary agenda * Chairman’s agenda

8. What are TWO main features of a “Chairman’s” agenda that makes it different from an ordinary agenda? (2 points)

* Right-hand side of the Chairman’s agenda is left blank. * Have extra notes.

9. After a meeting is completed, “minutes” of the meeting have to be written up. What is a “minute” of a meeting? (1 points)

* Minute is an official written statement of the motions and resolutions taken in a meeting. It is brief but a complete record of all discussions held among the members of the meeting. It is also defined as the official record of the proceeding of a meeting that should be needed to approve by the participating members of the meeting.

10. What are TWO most important functions of minutes? (2 points)

* To record Action Points, ie, what actions have been decided upon, who is responsible and what the milestones and deadlines are. * To record summaries of the discussions held at the meeting.

11. Meetings can be written up in three ways: Describe each type with ONE point.

(i) “verbatim” minutes * Used primary in court reporting where everything needs to be recorded word for word.

(ii) minutes of “resolution” * To note the exact wording of any resolutions passed.

(iii) minutes of “narration” * Will be a concise summary of all the discussions that took place, report received, actions to be taken and decisions made.…...

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